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  1. I do agree that cliffs of dover was a disaster but don't give up on it just yet the guys over at atag have made a few mods for it and I have just started playing cliffs of dover once again after two years of not wanting to touch it . Its amazing now its like a whole new game and I love my ww2 flying games They have done an awesome job and the detail blows me away my favourite effects are when you fly under a cloud you get the shadowing from the cloud blocking the sun and the spitfires notorious exhaust glow from unburnt fuel being ignited from the hot exhausts from the low grumble of the merlin engine. The engine management is superb too and trying to manage your engine while having a bf 109 on your tail well that's a whole nother ball game but with all the mods and team speak all that said for an absolute disaster of a game it's gotta be one of the best now shame it only took two years
  2. Grant1299

    Question about the Op Centre

    If you read the manual it says it doesn't support v1 of 744 or md 11
  3. Grant1299

    just Paypal?

    I have gone with PayPal and got the email with the link straight away
  4. Grant1299

    Download link expired-Please Help

    Unfortunately yes you have to pay to get a new download link its not just pmdg there are quite a few stores that charge to get a new active download At least now you should know to save the download so you don't have to pay again
  5. Grant1299

    Release Date Contest

    If its released on Sunday is that Sunday us because that will be Monday Australia that will suck
  6. Grant1299

    WARNING - Do Not Repeat this Stupidity

    Pmdg should ban that guy from purchasing their products for all we know he wanted the plane to put on pirate bay or some crap that guy is a waste of air
  7. Grant1299

    Froogle 777 video Amazing(release weak)

    The best part was that froogle actually kept quiet and let us enjoy the sounds of the 777 so manny times reviewers like the sound of their own voice great job looking forward to release
  8. Grant1299

    EZDok & The NGX/PMDG aircraft

    I know this sounds dumb but have you set key assignments
  9. Grant1299

    EZDok & The NGX/PMDG aircraft

    Try running the ezdok configuration setup ezdok should have put a shortcut to desktop on install
  10. Grant1299

    Which holds the crown PMDG NGX or Majestic Q400

    It's hard to compare the two as they are completely different. if you want a challenging automated systems flight get the pmdg ngx but if you want something that you can muscle around and must watch like a hawk especially when landing because if your not watching your speed on approach carefully your dash 8 can quickly become the crash 8 but as to witch one is better they are both brilliant products and they should be both regarded as such as they are so immersive and so different
  11. Grant1299

    Boeing 777

    Try having your throttles at idle when the plane loades up and you have the throttles up you will get a horrible horn sound beeping at you
  12. Grant1299

    Magestic Dash 8 any good?

    There is a YouTube Channel called frooglesim he does full in depth tutorials and how to's on all sorts of aircraft and he is making a tutorial on the mjs q400 vnav system should be out this week or next
  13. You probably overclocked to much I overclocked to 4.8 ghz i7 3770k and fsx ran for bout 10 min then got the bsod So I went down to 4.6 and it runs well Never run without a good cooler it's the quickest way to fry your CPU I learnt the hard way and never again
  14. Grant1299

    FSX Crashing, Help!

    Try deleting the logbook .bin for fsx sometimes it can get corrupted
  15. Grant1299

    FSX Crashing, Help!

    If you backed up the cfg file delete the corrupted file and use the backup one If you didn't back it up delete the cfg file fsx will create a new one I