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  1. I do agree that cliffs of dover was a disaster but don't give up on it just yet the guys over at atag have made a few mods for it and I have just started playing cliffs of dover once again after two years of not wanting to touch it . Its amazing now its like a whole new game and I love my ww2 flying games They have done an awesome job and the detail blows me away my favourite effects are when you fly under a cloud you get the shadowing from the cloud blocking the sun and the spitfires notorious exhaust glow from unburnt fuel being ignited from the hot exhausts from the low grumble of the merlin engine. The engine management is superb too and trying to manage your engine while having a bf 109 on your tail well that's a whole nother ball game but with all the mods and team speak all that said for an absolute disaster of a game it's gotta be one of the best now shame it only took two years
  2. Grant1299

    EZDok & The NGX/PMDG aircraft

    I know this sounds dumb but have you set key assignments
  3. Grant1299

    EZDok & The NGX/PMDG aircraft

    Try running the ezdok configuration setup ezdok should have put a shortcut to desktop on install