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  1. Pr3miumBl4d3

    Short videos in P3D

    Nvidia ShadowPlay if you have an supported Nvidia GPU
  2. Pr3miumBl4d3

    VC Some Buttons/Switches not working

    So after many tips of the support, the only way we managed to get rid of the problem was a complete reinstallation of Prepar3D. Somehow my Prepar3D was messed up... Many thanks to the PMDG Support Team
  3. Pr3miumBl4d3

    VC Some Buttons/Switches not working

    Thanks, I just submitted a ticket. Hope this problem gets solved
  4. Pr3miumBl4d3

    VC Some Buttons/Switches not working

    Hey Guys! So, the following happend: Started my P3D v3 (With Scenario Setup!) chose my T7 and airport, got in the cockpit and noticed 90% of the switches and buttons dont work anymore :/ Thrustlever, Flaps, Spoilers, Yoke, Gearlever and some other little switches work, but the entire FMC, Autopilotpanel, Overhead and much more doesnt work at all (Model itself doesnt make any problems) :( I read many topics here, but none helped me cause i already watched out for the following: -Start in Scenario Setup -Starting with no other aircraft before -3 Simconnect versions installed + the ESP one (Simconnect.xml is where it should be) -I dont have any Camera Addons which could set my viewpoint back too far in the seat or something I rly dont know what else to do and hope one of you can help me... Thanks Philipp Cserny
  5. Could you send me the link too? Would be great! Thanks a lot
  6. My GTX 970 (4GB) uses max. 2.95 GB VRam with ORBX FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC, PMDG 777, Opus Weather, REX Texture Direct, REX Soft Clouds at Flytampa Vienna 2.6 with "VERY HIGH" Settings... all in P3D V2.5 But Im sure i could push thr use of Vram up by using 4096x4096 Textures (at the moment only 1024x1024) Cheers
  7. Pr3miumBl4d3

    R6025 Error is Back in V2.3

    If you're getting the "MSVCR100.dll" Error, make sure you install the latest Version of FSUIPC (4.934f). That fixed the error on my PC Hope it worked for you too!
  8. Pr3miumBl4d3

    26APR14 - P3D Development Status Thread - Updated

    There is a way to use the T7 in Prepar3D already...