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  1. ngc3000

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    Hello Rob, I use version 6 in P3Dv4.1 and like the Free Control Feature very much. But there are is a strange behaviour only with the PMDG 777 and QW787. I can´t observe that behaviour with the DA CRJ´s. Pushback starts with speed up for few feeds like normal but than it begin to stuttering and the pushback procedure takes much time. Taxispeed Display shows during this pushback between 2-3 and from outside view it seems like there is a process that push the brakes in short period. Is it possible that the Taxispeed Control influence that kind of pushback? On the other hand if I activate the "old style" pushback I can´t observe that behavior. Is there a possibility to deactivate the Taxispeed Control? And as a last question is there a Parameter where I can increase the pushback Speed? Regards, Wolfgang