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  1. PMDG 748 i doubt, because this AH2 news is about xp11 version ;) But, yes, with AH2 fsx/p3d/xp11 versions all have the option to start only with money and plenty of it and immediately buy a big airliner. You only need first to import the addon that you want to buy to the AH2 database to it became available as new and soon/later as 2nd hand version (cheaper).
  2. The HOME/CHARTS works very very well. Now I have a question. How works the HOME/MAP/MENU/Charts (on Map Menu)? I started on KSFO to KLAX, created a plan and defined an SID and STAR on flightplan but having charts or not charts on the map menu setup I not see any difference. (its not a rxp plugin issue, because on the gtn separated trainer is the same) Thanks in advance
  3. It was not automatic, anyway no problem, I re-download it and reinstalled it with the 2.2.2 version. Now works perfectly! Thanks again RXP by your support.
  4. Hi, wow that's great, thanks for the update, so it will be automatically downloaded? With best regards
  5. Hi RXP, WOW that's great, looking forward to that!!! Thank You! Best regards
  6. Hi RXP, its an awesome add-on, anyway I'm worried if it is an issue on my pc or it can be replicated on your side and will be fixed. I saw in the add-on store a pic with the GTN with a chart opened so, I think it should work, correct? I use the 6.01.1 garmin version. What can I do to fix this or help in the process of fixing? Thanks!!! With best regards
  7. Hi, I have a similar situation. whatever chart I try to open on Home/Charts it tries to load but always shows as if missing. I tried the airports like KSFO, KLAX. Using the trainer outside the XP10, it loads well the charts. Its a some kind of issue inside the gtn 750 on xp10. Thanks about the support and hope it will be fixed soon
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