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  1. I tried that and still not have that connected message. Maybe some incompatibility with some plugin idk. Anyway the xpuic logs have no errors and as i mentioned it interact well with other softwares that if need uses it. Anyway, i gave up. Thanks about your support. I think the guilt is some other plugins interaction.
  2. Helo Dave, Thanks about your fast reply! I tried all the suggestions above and nothing worked 😞 Ran as admin, not paused on xp11, with cockpit and engines running, even after i deleted the mentioned xml file. Not changed the default callsign. No connections and the button never turned green neither the expected 3 messages. Sad that i want to put it working and later buy it, but i'm starting to have few options to trying to fix this issue
  3. but its running well in xp11 (xpuipc) I even reinstalled the xuipc the one from p2a instructions, but no success. My xuipc works, because if i try other softwares that use it for test, it works.
  4. The SIM or FSUIPC/XPUIPC stopped functioning and P2A is Disconnected. Error in frmP2AMain ConnectToSIM FSUIPC.FSUIPCException: FSUIPC Error #9: FSUIPC_ERR_NOTOPEN. The connection to FSUIPC is not open. em FSUIPC.FSUIPCConnection.Process(Byte ClassInstance, IEnumerable`1 GroupNames) em P2A_2020.P2ASimulatorFSUIPC.Init() em P2A_2020.frmP2AMain.c6da96e2c3dc97ecb14521624b5c07984()
  5. I ran as admin have English as default, have usa lang. pack installed, and have a headset all with micro and working and set up
  6. Hello, I have the XP11 last version for pc, XPUIPC and on the same pc the P2A trial. I'm on aircraft and everytime i press the connect, i have "Simulator Disconnected" message and it never connected. What should i do? Thank You!!!
  7. Or maybe better put some hotspot click area in the 3D panel that will open that 2D simicons. For example if i click on the center of the artificial horizon it will show that mini panel. Because if its a shortcut panel to open other useful panels it is a bit not easy and practical to go on a huge list and many pull down cascade menus to open it because it is out of the range of shift-0...9. I mainly use 3D panels, but its nice to have easy access to it to popup checklists, and other useful panels that are not easy present in 3d. Thank You!
  8. Great, Thank You! Looking forward to that future version/patch... Ok, so, i can edit manually the panel.cfg and add it? Best regards
  9. Hi, these black needles issues, the lack of baro setting in altimeter, and other mentioned here tiny issues will be fixed in a future patch? Exist any possibility to have the simicons panel opened by default or a hotspot on 3d panel to open it? Also, exist any possibility to have the sextant on 2d panel? Thank You! Sorry all these questions, but i really love this aircraft and would like to have it even better :)
  10. Dear Jean-Luc, exist any command for the ini file that config in a way to only popup the 2D windows of RXP and not both (RXP+Default) when i click on the 3D screen? Thank You!!!!
  11. After I completed my collection of RXP addons for XP11 😉 (I bought the ones that i not yet had), now i'm here to post another aircraft not covered in this thread: LES Saab 340 After some tests I noticed that it only works if i close RXP GNS and open again when after aircraft startup. Maybe some weird feature from this specific addon were RXP not enabled right away when load aircraft and only works after his default GPS is started. After turn on GPS, i need to close RXP plugin, click ENT, then open RXP again and after all fine 🙂
  12. GNS 430 on An-24RV (Oleg Tronov version)
  13. By the way for curiosity: GNS430: obstacles 08 Apr. 2010 aviation 22 Oct. 2009 GTN: DB 23 Apr. 2020 This is all correct or i have something from garmin that is not well? (using your installers without the super expensive garmin db updates)
  14. WOW that fixed it!!! It finally loads xp11 with TG+RXP + Vulkan and including a flight using rxp gps's and traffic from tg. Thank You so much!!!
  15. yes, my OS is the 21H1 and before 11.55r2 all worked well.
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