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  1. Dear Jean-Luc, exist any command for the ini file that config in a way to only popup the 2D windows of RXP and not both (RXP+Default) when i click on the 3D screen? Thank You!!!!
  2. After I completed my collection of RXP addons for XP11 😉 (I bought the ones that i not yet had), now i'm here to post another aircraft not covered in this thread: LES Saab 340 After some tests I noticed that it only works if i close RXP GNS and open again when after aircraft startup. Maybe some weird feature from this specific addon were RXP not enabled right away when load aircraft and only works after his default GPS is started. After turn on GPS, i need to close RXP plugin, click ENT, then open RXP again and after all fine 🙂
  3. GNS 430 on An-24RV (Oleg Tronov version)
  4. By the way for curiosity: GNS430: obstacles 08 Apr. 2010 aviation 22 Oct. 2009 GTN: DB 23 Apr. 2020 This is all correct or i have something from garmin that is not well? (using your installers without the super expensive garmin db updates)
  5. WOW that fixed it!!! It finally loads xp11 with TG+RXP + Vulkan and including a flight using rxp gps's and traffic from tg. Thank You so much!!!
  6. yes, my OS is the 21H1 and before 11.55r2 all worked well.
  7. Still the same, freeze on "will initialize plugins". With zero traffic, and 1 screen activated on windows. it even crash of xp11 window mode. About discrete gpu, is not the case because i'm in a desktop pc with only 1 gpu card.
  8. yes, but i not have any other plugin that is in the black list of TF, also using the RXP alone with that last TG version (without any other plugin) xp11 freeze on the start and not loads (i can’t even goes to menus) it freeze on initializing plugins.
  9. I updated the tg to that 1.1 version (downloaded today). and tried ONLY with TG and GTN+GNS, sadly still freeze/crash. Log file below:
  10. I hope you contact LR about this issue because now is the best time, if no one do something, for them is all fine and the final release will have this bug and not so soon they will try to fix it. Waiting for release because is not yet final is not the best procedure. Betas and release candidates are to be tested and report bugs 🙂 Thank You!
  11. yes i never use togheter gtn+gns. Also when i say that it crash is always on xp11 start! when it trying to load plugins, when it crash i never see the main menu of xp11, so its not a situation of unit1 vs unit 2. Thank You so much about your support.
  12. Hi, after isolation of gtn/gns and start to add multiple plugins until it goes wrong (crash/freeze) i discovered this: only gtn/gns = all ok the guilt is the combo GNS/GTN + JF Traffic Global if i use all my plugins i should use OR gtn+gns OR traffic global So: all except TF = ok al except GNS/GTN = ok all = crash I did multiple starts and its consistent, with 11.55 gtn/gns + tf are not friends 😕
  13. I will do some tests for you (without saitek plugin)... and will report here when done.
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