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  1. Good to hear, what about the quality of the picture in particular? Is the difference between 1440p and 1080p as impressive as many say? Escpecially in P3D?
  2. Hey there, I am currently running a 1080p 60hz Acer monitor, and I was pretty happy with it while on a GTX 970. However, I just made the jump to a GTX 1070 and I often hear that in order to take advantage of that card I should think about jumping to 1440p with 144hz. However, researching what to get is difficult because most people online who runs tests with monitors play video games like Battlefield or CS GO etc... which behave very differently than a flight simulator like P3D or FSX. Can someone who has experience with the transition from 1080p to 1440p and 60hz to 144hz please help me understand what is the best option? I also heard of G-Sync but not sure what benefit it would have for flight sims. I really only use this PC for flight simming, so would 60hz to 144hz even make a difference, since realistically FPS in P3D or FSX never passes 60 FPS (or 40, if you are flying into a heavy airport with weather, a complicated aircraft, and AI traffic etc...). Also, what would be the preformance hit from 1080p to 1440p. I only run one monitor, and with the GTX 1070 it should probably handle it very well, but still.... Current monitor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009720 I was looking at some ASUS monitors for an upgrade. But am open to any suggestions. My maximum budget is $400.
  3. I understand the fact that Prepar3d is a new sim, but I have so many addons invested in FSX that I feel it would be silly of me not to take any advantage of them. If I can't install nearly half of my sceneries I wouldn't even bother making the switch. I respect your opinion on the matter but I would like to at least get most of my airports and sceneries working. I do understand that aircraft are harder to port over, especially PMDG. But other than my PMDG 777 and 737 I feel every other addon should be able to work in P3D.
  4. Hey there, I have been running FSX since 2010 and after a period of not playing any flight sim I have decided to come back, and make the switch to Prepar3d. I currently have a system 256 GB SSD which I have my OS installed on, and a couple of other small games. I then have a 1 TB HDD which has FSX installed. I was looking to add a new Samsung 950 Pro 256GB for Prepar3d V3 (because it is insanely fast, the difference between the 950 and a traditional SSD is almost as big as the jump from an HDD to an SSD), but I was a little skeptical on whether or not 256GB would be enough, until I found out that you don't (and in most cases, shouldn't) install addons directly into the Prepar3d V3 root folder (unlike in FSX). So I considered installing P3D on the relatively limited space I have on my system SSD (No way I'm installing it on the HDD when SSDs offer such a significant boost in texture loading times). However I also read that addons like orbx DO have to be installed in the P3D root folder, which means that with my FTX Global + Vector + LC Europe combination I would almost for sure run out of space. Not to mention my other addons which might also have to be installed in the same way. Furthermore, I would like to use the Flightsim Estonia FSX-P3D migration tool, but would like to make sure that you can use that to install addons outside the P3D directory. For example, some of my older Aerosoft addons like German Airports 3, and Stuttgart (MANY more, but those are a few examples) do not have a P3D installer, which means I would need the migration tool (not a problem, I can get that). But it sort of seems to me that in order for the Estonia migration tool to work, you do need to install addons in the traditional "FSX style", and put them in the P3D directory. So I really just need someone to explain to me in a simple way (something that an amatuer simmer would understand) how I would install my addons properly into P3D, especially those without P3D installers and whether or not it is worth the new SSD. Sorry for the big blocks of text, but I wanted to be very clear. I greatly appreciate any help/advice.
  5. Gents, I currently have a Western Digital 2 TB Blue Drive (C:/) with Windows, FSX, and all the other good stuff installed. I also have Seagate 1TB HDD (D:/) for Documents and pictures and what not. My question is, can I buy a Samsung 850 Pro 512GB/1TB (Top of the line) SSD and migrate my C drive onto it. Thus keeping everything the same including my windows desktop and all the programs. I will then rename the original C drive as E and keep the SSD as C(Boot), WD drive as E(I will clear it once the migration is done and everthng looks fine so I can store pictures on it), and the Seagate as D. From what I see, this plan should technically work the way I want it but migrating programs can sometimes have a few glitches. I dont really want to do a reinstall full because I cannot describe the quantity of addons I have. They number in the hundreds, and there are tweaks too that I have already forgotten. It would take a month of painstaking work for a reinstall. I dont even have some of the download links so I'd have to contact the seller with the product keys and get them refreshed. I hope there are some here who have done this succesfully. So. After that spiel. What are your opinions?
  6. I have been trying to log in to my PMDG account but it keeps saying connection failed. I know its not my internet since it seems fine other than the PMDG site(plus I have the fastet internet the internet provider offer for my area). Could someone check if there is an issue with the servers?
  7. Excellent! I just installed these and I have to say kudos to you buddy. Exquisite textures!
  8. All fixed, just had to run the moduleinstaller.
  9. Yes, I do have the latest libs. It's a quit strange error, I'v e never encountered this before.
  10. All went well with the installation of diamond point. But as soon as the scenery loaded, I knew there was some thing wrong. No 3D grass. Although I had set 3D grass to full(level 3), I knew I had done everything else correctly and all other aspects of the airport are OK. Any suggestions? Quick reply would be appreciated.
  11. I'm looking to buy a better CPU cooler than the stock intel one, becasue I want to overclock. I just bought a H100i from Corsair but have to return it becasue of some manufacturing issues. I am looking to OC to about 4,2-4,4 Ghz with my Intel I7 4770k CPU and Z87 Sabertooth. Note that I prefer prefilled liquid cooling apposed to custom liquid cooling or a full fan setup. I have room for any size radiator from 120mm-140mm-240mm-280mm. Thanks, John
  12. 720 Watt Power supply should be perfectly fine. I still rung my rig on a 500 watt PSU(and, yes, before you say it, it is VERY LOW, but I've never had problems, and I hope I won't).
  13. Do you mean copy and paste to an extrernal drive and then Copy and paste back to the HD when I'm done? But copy and pasting only creates a copy of the programs files, not the actual program moves.
  14. Thank you very much, this is the answer I have been hoping for, I do have Windows 7 64-bit and I will definetly take your arive on transfering FSX SSD's, very helpful, and yes I have Corsair Vengeance. Thank you for your help and advice, John
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