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  1. Does anyone experiencing when starting your flight, choosing a gate and when you click FLY your plane will spawn in Runway instead of the gate selected?
  2. It does... I'm not sure what kind of machine you have,. mine I always update all drivers and windows updates to the latest as practice. updating my BIOS solve my problem, like I said it might work for some, maybe not yours, so you can just forget it... move along... move along...
  3. Not a risky one unless you know what you are doing., I updated mine before Windows 11 to met Win11 requirements, and now I'm running without a single CTD since I update my BIOS.
  4. what's so bizarre about that one? That solved my problem, I'm just sharing, or it might help. what's wrong with that mr smart guy
  5. Update your BIOS it worked for me... no CTD anymore
  6. I love to see my country Philippines but that's very unlikely to happen, we may not have man made structures to feature but abundant in nature, a thousand islands to hop in and out, water masking will be a challenge, volcanoes and mountains to name the few,
  7. I think MS/ASOBO should keep those feature, there must be an option to revisit it again.
  8. so this is for specific locations only? it would be great if it's for the entire world and AI generated boats. but I think it's too much to ask.
  9. it's on the wish list: #09 ↑ 493 votes | Disappointing Mountain Terrain (Too Rounded) | Planned | 2021
  10. anyone need some assistance, I can't bind keys for VR, did I missed anything?
  11. can somebody tell me what is the message on screen when switching to VR? can't read it, so tiny and unreadable
  12. every time I watch video of ObsidianAnt have to turn on my subtitle..😅
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