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  1. Elwyn

    FSX SE: Activation

    Many many thanks It's working now!
  2. Elwyn

    FSX SE: Activation

    Thanks a lot! it'dworking now,. but I've noticed since I'm using dx10 preview I was expecting a cockpit shadows just like what shown on youtube about 777 FSX SE hype do I need to do something about it?
  3. Elwyn

    FSX SE: Activation

    I was looking for a recent post regarding the activation of 777 on FSX SE but non of it helped, coz I'm not able to activate mine, no dialog box to input the code? Are people having the same issue? I diactivate both 200-300 on old FSX, and purchased FSX SE. pls help
  4. I have this stuttering on the controllers before makes me adjust my dead zones to avoid it, clean your controllers open it and apply some WD40 (lubricant) to mechanical parts only not the electronic boards, I had this issues in X52pro and Saitek proflight yoke, I apply this from time to time, my X52pro is on a shelves if I'm going to use it I'll clean it with lubricant.
  5. Elwyn

    Re registering old rc4 cd

    Well my email Was unable to find,probably one if the old emails been deactivated long time even closed it's hard for me to dig in to those. I'm a bit frustrated in the activation method but I guess that's it for me. I'm shelving this one as rc5 does.
  6. Elwyn

    Re registering old rc4 cd

    Thank you sir, I already done that with some photos of registration and my pic of old rc4 Cd
  7. I was trying to reactivate my old copy of rc4 since the release of ver4 my old email was deactivated long time ago, so was I registering new info, but I was kinda wondering if my email was denied because of new email I used. I followed the pinned instructions and I'm waiting for a response since yesterday. How long will this be processed?
  8. Hello there, just dropping by. I had this saitek proflight yoke and rudder interchangebly with X52pro for FSX. I just noticed after couple of flight my yoke is working but after few hours of flight my yoke and rudder is not responding anymore, it's not even shown on the controllers inside FSX, I appreciate any help. thanks.