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  1. I'm not completely sure of this but I think it uses some services like wayfinder and other route databases, it does not calculate on its own...and so I think this is another low point that does not justify, for me, the price. Many times I had to fix manually the route it calculated, using mostly the old but nice and free online wayfinder. Sent from Mad iPad's Tapatalk
  2. That data from the x-plane widget on the screen does not measure only the CPU load, but the combined CPU/GPU load. Instead for CPU load use coretemp and for GPU something like MSI Afterburner. You'll notice the GPU Vram is very often full, even if you are equipped with 4GB... Many of the FPS problems come from that: if the GPU VRAM is full the system bus is overloaded by data in/out managed by the CPU, that also in this case will be not really much loaded, even in complex sceneries. And so the GPU will be waiting for data from its VRAM, constantly full. The fact is: if you do not have enough VRAM the problem stays there and you'll have to reduce the textures quality to mantain CPU and GPU at a good level of workload, otherwise all the power of this components will never be unleashed. Sent from Mad iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mad Mat

    Windows 8 - Joystick Megathread problem.

    Sadly to say that also X-Plane 10 is affected by this problem. Yesterday, without any configuration or software variation, after a couple of weeks of no problems, the joysticks started to disappear soon after scenery loading. This happens only in X-Plane 32 bit mode. Not in 64 bit, so may be is a Windows memory problem. And this made the simulator almost unusable. I tried EVERYTHING but nothing changed this behavior.