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  1. Bingo! Worked a treat! Thank you for that! :) Ross Davey
  2. Not sure why it's happening, thought I'd ask here before submitting a support ticket, here's the log. "An exception has occured! Please contact PMDG support by submitting a ticket at for help with resolving this issue. Press "Copy to clipboard" below and then paste the information into your support ticket. Additionally, a log file has been created at: c:\users\ross davey\appdata\roaming\pmdg\pmdg operations center\PMDG Operations Center.log Please attach this file to better help us fix this issue. The application will now exit. 03/07/17 15:23:48 Exception: Unknown Exception at 0x54E8AF3E 54E00000 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCR100.dll +0008AF3E (0, 0, 0) 54E00000 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCR100.dll +0008AF8A (0, 0, 0) 0FFE0000 c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 747 QOTSII P3D.dll +0001AE92 (FFFFFFFF, DDC6D00, 10) 71150000 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Cabinet.dll +00011160 (FFFFFFFF, DDC6D00, 10) 71150000 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Cabinet.dll +00010772 (10, FFFAE70, DDC7FDC) 71150000 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Cabinet.dll +0000EA4F (10019C5C, 0, FFFA790) 0FFE0000 c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 747 QOTSII P3D.dll +0001A409 (848EF0, DDCF238, 10019C5C) 0FFE0000 c:\program files (x86)\pmdg operations center\Product Module 747 QOTSII P3D.dll +00023081 (623C0ECD, 0, 10095720)" Thanks in advance! Ross Davey
  3. Within the next 2 weeks is perfect timing for me, my new beast of a PC arrives next week. Really looking forward to it!
  4. Rossdavey

    747 BETA - A few shots!

    Looks fantastic, love the curved CRTs. Take your time !
  5. According to one of the Beta team, they haven't actually got it to test yet, I'm sure there's a good reason and I'm more than happy to wait for a solid product. (If that's true of course, hope I don't get nailed).
  6. Looks and sounds incredible! Cheers for the update
  7. Rossdavey

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    Thanks for the info! Wishing you a rapid recovery! Ross Davey
  8. Rossdavey

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    *Currently the most refreshed topic on the internet*. Probably...
  9. Rossdavey

    British Airways Virtual offline?

    It was down, then live, then down again yesterday, booked a flight in the window it was live, flew it and couldn't submit the PIREP. Phoenix is still running as I type this. Glad it's just a niggle.
  10. Rossdavey

    09JUN14 - PMDG 777 SP1 and 300ER updates

    I'm just as excited about SP1 and the 300ER, especially after watching the two Datalink Demo vids, it looks chuffing marvellous! The tactic I employ to distract me from impatience include burying myself in the FCOMs we already have, I suppose it depends how seriously each individual takes it, either way, for me there's always something new to learn about this great machine, literally 1000's of pages of info relevant to both the current release and the 77W. It also serves as a reminder as to how much effort goes into the FCOM's from PMDG. Always worth the wait. Always.
  11. Rossdavey

    BA Boeing 777-300ER (Beta Preview)

    Really looking forward to it! Take as much time as you need! Can't rush perfection! (Good choice of livery too! )
  12. Rossdavey

    Watch your brakes!

    "Rejected Take Off", it's the autobrake setting armed in case of a mishap occuring prior to 'V1' whilst departing down the runway.
  13. Rossdavey

    Windows 8 - Joystick Megathread problem.

    This might be a freak coincidence but I'm willing to put it out there as I feel the pain everyone else is going through at the moment. Anyway, I'm on a long haul and then surprise surprise, the "Flying without a joystick can be difficult" message popped up mid flight, so, with rage in full swing I went to the task manager and with my irrational anger selected FSX and right clicked by accident, then something odd happened, the very instance I hit the right click, In the background FSX briefly paused itself, grey textures flashed and the ENB shading I switched off earlier in the flight came back on which caught my attention, so I ignored the force quitting rage to see what was going and incredibly, my joystick was alive. I've deliberately unplugged my joystick and successfully re-connected over 5 times within the same flight to test it, the joystick is consistently working, this might be a fluke, I hope it's not. But try it out and let me know. Crossing fingers! :( :mellow: