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  1. I dont can activate my pmdg 777-200 and -300

    Hi team of the PMDG I wanted to ask for help and support for my products purchase order for the B773 FSX 282128 Order # 282128 - Order Date: 7/23/2014 - ORDER CODE: VAJ0115485348 and purchase order 252989 for FSX B772 Order # 252989 - Order Date: 12/02/2013 - ORDER CODE: DAA2178389042, which acquired legally with you and try to install again on my computer tells me that reached the limit of authorized installation. I do not understand why forbid me install my products back and more when for reasons of damage to my computer I had to format on several occasions and even I had to install the product on another computer of my membership, having to reinstall and several ocaciones the product you buy them. I appreciate your cooperation and that it was not economical to purchase these products and more to me that I live in Colombia and effect change at the rate of my country get very expensive Pedro Sepulveda
  2. 777 pmdg original not mantain cruise level

    yes i do jejeje thanks
  3. 777 pmdg original not mantain cruise level

    hi guys, apparently the problem its the Sim Physics X add; start a flight without this add and the aircraft climb until fl380 for cruise level without problems or jumps up and down, but i have a question, why after climb and mantain fl380 cruise level for this case, and start the Sim Physics X, do not have again the problem with the jump on pitch? jejeje really don´t understand. thanks all guys for your support, answer and quick colaboration. sorry but my english no is very good god bless you regards from colombia Pedro Sepulveda
  4. 777 pmdg original not mantain cruise level

    ready sr, i will try to fly without this add, but on the old versions before 1.10.6492 i never had problems with the pmdg 777 and Sim Physics X, always running together if i have news,i will write again thanks sr i will try
  5. 777 pmdg original not mantain cruise level

    thanks pcubine for your answer 1. from SKRG to KMIA 2. 25000 lbs 3. cost index 50 thanks downscc for your support, maybe not quite understand about the payload, I will tell you where you can see a good tutorial on the PMDG 777 thanks thanks scandinavian13, sorry but dont understand how to do this
  6. 777 pmdg original not mantain cruise level

    thanks thanks markadeane for your support 1. the problem its with 777-200 base 2. I have active sky next for weather 3. the payload and passengers its normal, with normal limits of operation (or has make any configuration) 4. start the flight with cold and dark, select from fmc 5. yes i have this message " altitude alert" i have and use Sim Physics X with my fsx thanks for any solution o good configuration
  7. 777 pmdg original not mantain cruise level

    Hi guys, i request your support I have problems with my original pmdg 777, the problem is that after take off and climb and select AP, LNAV, VNAV this not mantain the flight level selecting on fmc and altitude panel selector, and the aircraft begins at up and down as crazy and never reaching and mantain the flight level select for the cruise in this pic up now down If any have the solution or the good configuration for this problem I would be grateful thanks Pedro Sepulveda