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  1. You're confusing Steam, which is a simply a content delivery system owned by Valve Corporation, and Dovetail Games, which is the company who actually have the licensing agreement with Microsoft. Steve
  2. I think it depends on whether you have 'Hardware Tessellation' selected or not. Steve
  3. klaatu

    OOM assistance please

    I've just got my first OOM, having installed the FTX Iceland demo, about 2 minutes after take off from BIRK. I also have most sliders hard right, as I was getting good FPS. I would also be interested in the answer to the OP's question. Steve.
  4. EZCA looks very interesting, I may have to get that! Steve
  5. It works standalone for me, I didn't have to do anything, it "just works". Using v5.2.2 of the software. Steve
  6. klaatu

    More P3D v2 Screenshots

    He says: As for my system, it is an old i7 920 running Win 7, 64bit, based. RAM is 12Gb, 1600Hz triple channel, the graphic card is an nVidia 660 with 2Gb Ram, and I have 4 traditional hard disks for a total of 2Tbytes. So I would consider it an "average" system (al least for gaming)... Steve