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  1. clavel9

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    Congratulations on producing a classic prop-liner: a category not exactly well-served in X-Plane at the moment. Every good wish.
  2. I can certainly say that the 727 is a lovely aircraft to hand-fly and as I don't have too much free time on my hands it's just perfect for a short 30-60 minute hop or even circuits and touch-and-goes. It's a tricky aircraft to set up for a manual approach but very rewarding when you get it just right.
  3. I can highly recommend the FJS 727, extremely well-sorted and quite easy on frame-rates for such a detailed cockpit.
  4. Good point: to clarify, I suppose what I really meant was "start investing in a new platform" rather than actually jumping! Some of them still have their FS9 installation.
  5. Capturing market share for a company as small as Laminar, even in the void left after the demise of FSX and Flight, was never going to be an easy task. I've never been an FS user and can only go on the observations of the many friends of mine who are, but their opinion is that while they are impressed with what X-Plane has to offer and would be all for adopting it, they simply can't afford to jump platform having already invested years and hundreds or thousands of euro in payware add-ons and have to start again from scratch. And now with Prepar3D on the scene, they see that as their way forward. (Although most will be content to stick with FSX for some time yet.)
  6. If I remember correctly X-Plane's default scenery only goes to 74º N whereas CYLT is 82º N. Most of Svalbard is also north of 74º. I don't know how far north the HD scenery extends. I believe there was 3rd party Svalbard scenery on the download manager so perhaps it's worth searching there.
  7. clavel9

    Mac Pro and Xplane

    It's a pretty unique configuration so it's impossible to make any realistic predictions, but based on Longranger's post above it's hard to know how its performance will compare to, say, a top of the range iMac. (Or PC using GTX cards) Its spec is tailored to the video post-processing, image processing and other workstation-level markets, not gaming per se.