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  1. I got mine on Thursday from a pre-order directly from Madcatz. I've only taken it out of the box and got it put together. The joystick doesn't feel as smooth to me as the X-52 pro but I think that may be a matter of spring selection and I will experiment later. The one thing I did notice was that mine had extremely heavy throttle tension out of the box. It was so hard to move I thought that it might have somehow been locked into place for shipping. I examined it carefully and couldn't see any tabs or other locking mechanism. I saw the tension mechanism and started backing it off until I could get it to move. I ended up backing it all the way off and the tension is still quite significant. I started thinking I might need to work it in a bit. I started moving the throttle back and forth numerous times and it seemed to loosen up. Unfortunately it stiffens up again. I can't get a consistent tension out of it. I am not happy with this and will be contacting Madcatz about it. Has anyone else experienced similar with the throttle tension?
  2. I was lucky enough to still be in the position to exchange my 7970. I exchanged it for an asus gtx 780 direct cuii card. I have everything setup for multiple monitors and the framerate is smoother than the 7970. I have everything cranked up to max. It cost me $330 more but to me it was worth it. I hope you guys with 7970's get this issue sorted soon. I know how frustrating it is. Take care, Brendin
  3. I have the exact same problem! I was worried it was something wrong with my setup as this is a new build for fsx. I am actually relieved to see someone else having the same issue. My hardware: -Asus z87-a with i5-4670k -Asus Direct CU II HD7970 13-4 and latest 13-11 beta drivers tried -16GB ram -Windows 8 64 bit. - FSX maxed out on everything in graphics and preview direct x10 checked. - 3 monitors using active dp to dvi running 5760x1080 FSX and windows 8 are both clean installs. No add-ons and have never used Steve's fixer. Here is how I can trigger it almost immediately. - free flight with f-18 at honolulu international -time set to day I launch the flight then go in and change the weather to heavy thunderstorm. Almost immediately I will start getting the spikes and tears after takeoff. Edit: After finally reading this thread I am sad to see there is no solution yet. I haven't started looking at nvidia yet but if they support multiple monitors like eyefinity I am willing to give it a try.
  4. xnaron

    FSX vSync FIX

    I tried this on my ati 7970 and I have tearing with the "preview directx10" unchecked. With it checked I don't have tearing. Is this expected behaviour?
  5. xnaron

    ButtKicker Control

    I'm really stumped why this isn't working with FSX and the realtek hd audio on the Asus Z87A motherboard using a 5.1 speaker setup. The only thing I can think of is somehow I am not getting the low freq I need out of the sub woofer output from the sound card. It's weird though that the Buttkicker works fine when I am in the soundcard test program and click on it too test it. How is everyone else hooking up their Buttkickers for use with FSX? Maybe I am missing some setting to ensure the low freqs are being outputted?
  6. xnaron

    ButtKicker Control

    I can't get any vibration out of my butt kicker at all with FSX and the internal sound card. I was using optical before and taking the feed off my amp lfe and I had nice vibration. I have hooked the sim up to its permament speakers which are a set of logitech g506. I have the butt kicker tied into the center/sub channel (Y connector) and I verified in the sound test console that the butt kicker does work when I test the subwoofer. However when I go to FSX I get nothing from it when it should be vibrating like crazy. I have all the volumes turned up to 100% for all the effects. The speakers sound fine in fsx and the sub woofer is generating bass normally as it should. I use the Cessna as a good test for the butt kicker. Anyhow I am stumped and don't understand why the butt kicker isn't seeing anything when the sub is seeing bass. Anyone have any suggestions? I think I'd be interested in this butt kicker control if that will help. thanks, Brendin