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  1. Reply from flydeck: "We do not currently make simulators for passenger jets." Jetline and PFC made no reply as yet. Any other options?
  2. hi guys I am new to flight sim. I am interested in passenger aircraft simming, specifically boeing and airbus. I am trying to setup a home sim system and would appreciate your advice on the hardware, controls and the overall system for FSX. I don't want to spend too much money on that and would be willing to spend 20 000-25 000$ for the complete system including pc, audio, monitors. For hardware controls I war to focus now on yoke, throttle and pedals. My questions: 1. Which are the most realistic throttles for boeing and airbus? Should I really spend more money on motorised ones or go with non motorised ones? 2. Which are the most realistic yokes for the same aircrafts? Same questions 3. Which are the most realistic pedals for the same aircrafts? 4. Which frames are advisable if I want to have at least 3 monitors and one touch monitor (for simulating panels, switches and other controls)? 5. I really want to have all system mounted on a motion system. Which 3 and 6DOF motion systems are good and budget ones? Is it possible to install column yoke and throttle on them? I would really appreciate your overall advice on such a system to me, as a newbie. Any suggestions and thoughts are welcome.