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  1. Hor1463


    Hi, I have send you a ticket. Roland
  2. Hor1463


    Hi, after a long time, I installed FSPassengerX on my FSX. With the PMDG 737 and FS CREW it works well, but when I use the 777 (PMDG) and open FSP, do the settings and then push the button for load imm. or in real time, the panel of the 777 comes up and the FS crash. Can you help me? Roland
  3. Hi, IT WORKS NOW I think the problem was the different settings in the Global Setting of the card an Radeon Pro. Many thank´s to you all. Roland
  4. Oh sorry, I will see, if it is in the game. Tell you later, thank´s Roland
  5. Hi GB, I do this, but no help. In the Freeflight window of FSX there is no AA om the airplane. With DX 9 I ihave it. I do all these thinks shown in the upper threat, but still the sam no aa :( There will be a profil vor FSX in the card´s control panel and I have also one in the Radeon Pro Panel. Is it possible, that these oth take a problem? And when I can use that one in the card controll panel, how does it have to look? Roland
  6. Hi Gred, I make a mistake, it is the HD 7900 Series and I think, that this is DX 10 capable. Is it possible, that someone send me his switching in the DX 10 fixer an Radeon Pro programm? Roland
  7. Hi, I bought the DX10 Fixer yesterday and make all switch that are talk about in the manual. But when I startet FSX there is now good AA. There are many steps. when you look on the Aircraft. I have the Radeon Pro Programm also. Can someone help me, Roland (Germany)
  8. Hi Bryan, I get your 737 reboot and 777 Programm. When I use WIN 7 all works well with the speech control. Today I upgraded WIN 7 to WIN 10 and it is unpossible for me to chnage the Speech control from German to Englisch. It work´s for the writing, there I can change the language from German to English, but when I would like to use the English speech learning programm, WIN 10 tell me that I have to switch from German to English. Under advanced settings ther is only German to use, no English. What can I do now? Roland
  9. Hi, I am using FSX for many years now, but suddently 3 days ago, when I started FSX on my Win 7 64 system, I get the possibility to use any aircraft and so on, when I would like to go in the game, I get a message that FSX crashed, because FSX needs smartassembly. I now that there is something with my simconnect. I use UT 2, PMDG, ASN, PFE, and many addon scenery with GSX. After a while, someone in the net told me, to put in the FSX DVD 1 to use the repairprogramm. I did this and then nothing works in FSX. Then I installed the SP 1 and SP 2, SDK with SP 1a and SP 2. and yesterday the FSX works. But today I get the same message when I go in the FSX world, that there is smart assembley needed. What can I do now? Help me. Roland
  10. Hi, I bought the 700-300 today, but I have already installed FSCrew for my 700-200 a few weeks ago. What I have to do know to use FSCrew also for the -300? Roland
  11. Hor1463

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    Hi, I check it now and the Panel opens, but now it doesn´t close .I put the cursor on the screw - nothing happend and also when I use the assign Button of my joystick ? Roland
  12. Hor1463

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    I do it, but the main Panel doesn´t open yet. I see an issue in the manual. You use the German translation same for both, secondary button and open button for the Main Panel "Propeller Segelstellung" Roland
  13. Hi Brian, where can I find the Button in the 777 Panel to open the FS CREW Panel? I think, I am blind Roland Hi I read the Manual now, sorry, I see to ues a button. Thx Roland
  14. Hor1463

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    Hi Bryan, whrer can I find the button in the PMDG 777 Panel to open the FSCREW Main-Panel ? Roland