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  1. Hi, I use the option that FSCREW handle the Fueltruck and all other ground eqipment. What I see is, that the Fueltruck only stay for about 1 Minute at the plane. Is it possible, that it will stay longer there until the refuelingis complet? Roland
  2. Morning Bryan, for me, the Product Manager works well. The thing is, I can´t see what´s in the update now. Weeks ago we can always read in this forum what yuo change with the update. Roland
  3. Hi, if I am in the FSCREW mode, there is a red zircel with a stripe over the keyboard. In windows mode, I can see the keyboard symbol. Roland
  4. Hi Bryan, I now use the button 3 on the stick, but same problem. It seems that it doesn´t work when the MSFS window is in focus. If the FSCREW window is in focus, all works well. Roland
  5. Ok, I wait for it. Thank´s and greatings from Germany Roland
  6. Hi, I thing, it has something to do with my thrustmaster Stick. If I use Button 1 on the stick, sometimes it works but often not. The use of the mouse always works well. I wil check to switch to button 3 and tell it later. Roland
  7. Oh, it is not checked with a red stripe when I am in game. But this doesn´t chnage the problem. Roland
  8. Hi, one thing I see, that the Button Control Symbol is checked with a red stripe when I click into the game. I check all the settings in Windows and these are all the same as befor the MSFS update. Once more, I can speak to the copilot but only with the cursor and the micro goes grey. Roland
  9. Hi Bryan, I use the Beta Version of FSCREW and all works well since the update was comming out yesterday. I fly with the voicecontrol and the Button 1 on the Thrustmaster Airbus stick was for speeking. When I use it, the micro goes red but FSCREW can´t here me. Only when I use the CursorI can speak to my copilot, then the Microgoes gre and it works. Roland
  10. Hi Bryan, I bought PBE last year and download the new Version yesterday, but when I started it, there is a question about the Serail Nr.. But in my old order there is no Serial nr. Roland
  11. Hi Bryan, nice to hear from you. There is no white keyboard icon. The keyboard icon has a red X out. What I have to do? Roland
  12. Hi, I use the button A in MSFS for the PTT, but when I push the button, there is no red Mike in FSCREW and noone can hear me. I have switch all the necessary switches in WIN for Speech. What can I do now. Roland
  13. It works! Thank´s. I will test it now. Roland
  14. The data files are all there. The programm is open, but I can not see the screen. I install the zip you send me. Roland
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