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  1. Huskerwr38

    P3D 2.4 and REX 4 Rocking Video

    What textures are you using for runways? They look amazing.
  2. Huskerwr38

    Can't set gauges at very top of screen

    Okay, I see. I don't have the bezels turned on, and when I do the gap is the same. Thanks for your help.
  3. Huskerwr38

    Can't set gauges at very top of screen

    1/16" of an inch? I would say it's about 1/4" of an inch for me which leaves a huge gap between the bezel and the gauge.
  4. Huskerwr38

    Can't set gauges at very top of screen

    I downloaded the demo and used the default gauges. Thanks for the replay. Is it possible to rotate the gauges?
  5. I am trying to set a few of my gauges near the very top of the screen, however, its not possible to put them there cause they snap back down about half inch. Any way around this?
  6. Oh right, you mentioned it in your original post...sorry about that! It is indeed very immersive! However, I feel if you fly above 3000-4000 feet then everything but the cockpit are too blurry.
  7. Huskerwr38

    RC1 is out

    Does this add support for the Oculus Rift DK2?
  8. Which plug in are you using?
  9. In the Aerosoft San Francisco folder, there are .bgl files with extreme in the name. Delete those or renaming them will turn them off and should help with frame rates a lot. I've read on the Aerosoft forums that these include experimental settings that weren't meant to be used.
  10. Huskerwr38


    Looks really good. So you're saying the Orbx PNW region only improves the Seattle area? I was under the impression the full Orbx regions significantly improved the mesh area thus not needing any additional add-on mesh. I asked this question in their forums and that is the response I received.
  11. Huskerwr38


    Looks very nice. Does FS Global Ultimate increase the look of the mesh in the PNW Orbx or is it about the same? I thought the PNW Orbx scenery already included a good mesh.
  12. Oh yes, I am using the enhanced mesh as well.
  13. Yes, I just converted the Aerosoft sceneries that I had with FSX with the FS2XPlane tool. It works really well, not sure if more people do not know about this or not. Oh I had to clean up a few trees with the Overlay editor as well, cause there were trees spawning inside the stadiums. Other than that I didn't have to do any editing. Although I may go back into the San Francisco scenery and have to edit some building because it seemed like there were some autogen buildings in there intersecting the Aerosoft scenery buildings. You can see it in the 7th and 8th photos, the white tall buildings are intersecting with some of the other buildings. Some of the stuff I tried in the overlay editor didn't work.
  14. In these screenshots you see the Photo Sceneries from Sim Heaven and converted FSX Aerosoft sceneries New York and San Francisco. I also downloaded a La Guardia Airport for FSX and converted it as well. For the Portland one I used the freeware Portland from Orbx and converted it to XP as well using FSX2Xplane tool. I also did the art controls changes as well.
  15. Huskerwr38

    Scenery Design Work Flow

    Okay, I'll use the drawcall minimizer in mcx. I did notice that they had a huge poly count, maybe I won't use those. Thanks for the heads up.