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  1. If LR stays on course for PBR Materials with dynamic shaders, all of those airports are going to need major updates anyway. Shaders can provide dynamic grounds (wet surfaces, dust, snow, etc). I wonder if Orbx is ready for that...
  2. Very interesting. Especially about Dynamic Materials. Can't wait to see it. We're gonna see snow appear/melt in real time on the materials. Same with rain. We can already see that in 3D engines such as Unity or UE4. You can also see that in recent games like Forza Horizon 3. Now if we push it we could see ice appearing on the windows in real time and it would be easy to implement. etc. Same with dirt on the aircraft etc. Good news then.
  3. The MD-80 looks nice! There's even the mirror to see the compass!
  4. About PBR, can we "place" them on the scenery as well or is it just aircraft (just want to make sure since they are only showing the aircrafts in the video)?
  5. You are probably missing one of the needed libraries for the scenery. Make sure to read the "read me" coming with the scenery package.
  6. With W2XP + Ortho4XP, you get orthoimagery with the correct location for the autogen. Only if OSM is very detailed but it is the case for Germany. You can find your house in XP with this combo. I've seen more realistic screenshots of Germany than the one from FTX.
  7. They don't go hand in hand. We are talking about autogen lod distance basically.
  8. Is it possible to modify RTH to include the line codes from the UWX script?
  9. But the "master image"(with all the layers) can't be at a higher resolution?
  10. Right! Okay for clouds we can see clouds at 2k and more but why the sky bitmap is usually small. For example, I think the weird horizontal layering in the blue color for the sky is not looking good. Looks like FS in the 90's at 16bits color. Is this a limitation from X-Plane?
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