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  1. Nils_93

    [08FEB15] Operations Center: A quick note...

    Wow, and we don´t even have to pay for this service? No 20 Dollar price tag? So humble....really, thanks so much! Nils Schloemp
  2. Nils_93

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Hello Folks, same problem here. Asked about two weeks ago when they are going to update the Airbus A318/319 to version 1.21. No reply. Now I discovered, that they have updatet it in the mean time. However its frustrating to see that they are not capable of responding, even within two weeks. I think they should give customers an option to be automatically notified, once a purchased product is updated, because if they don´t reply to mails, how do you know when they update? I don´t have the time to "stalk" their website all the time and wait until they finally update stuff. As much as I like their tuesday 10% deals, I guess I spend the next money at an other reseller, because the customer "support" I received so far is worse than poor! I hope they step up their game in terms of customer service, I really do!
  3. Aerosoft is having a sale until November 17th. A lot of sceneries are 25% off! Here is a link to the overview of the discounted sceneries: I hope zhe link works (never know), if not simply go to and I guess you will see the banner ^_^
  4. Sorry to say it, but that is absolutely wrong. The 770 has one PCI-E 6 Pin and one PCI-E 8 Pin for power delivery. The official maximum wattage rating for 6 Pin is 75 Watts and 8 Pins are good for maximum 150 Watt ( So total maximum power draw of the GPU is 225 Watts. That is also confirmed in the official Nvidia fact sheet, stating in the specifications that the Graphics card Power is 230 Watts ( And a modern CPU like the haswell series has a tpd of 84 watts, or 88 watts for haswell refresh ( If you overclock it, calculate with maximum 130 watts. So, 130 plus 230 Watts is 350 Watts for the main components. Therefore every well build 500 Watt PSU is absolutely enough for such a system. A good PSU for example is the BeQuiet E9 480 Watt CM, or the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P10 550 Watt. Best regards. Nils
  5. Nils_93

    777 Status

    Phew, almost one year of development for 300-ER, SP1 and SDK and than there is a malfunction. Well that sucks :(
  6. And nowadays cheap too! Look for the crucial mx 100
  7. Oh. Did´t know that. Jsut stumbled across one of their planes and saw the sale banner, so I thought it would be something special
  8. Hello, just wanted to share with you that Eaglosoft is currently having a summer sale until 30.June.10% off GA and Corporate Aircraft. Link: Best regards Nils
  9. If your budget allows it, got for one or two ssds like the crucial m500 or samsung eve (one for windows, on for Flight Sim)
  10. Thats wrong. You are able to over clock a non k processor via the base clock.However, that also raises the frequency for everything else on the mono, like the etc. and if your not a highly experienced over clocker you can easily damage all your pc components. Therefore its highly recommended to take Z-boards with a k-processor if you plan to over clock, because then you simply have to raise the multiplicator which involves a much lower risk
  11. Nils_93

    A2A Cherokee is here!

    Thats true - but you know, when I go GA flying, I usually have some kind of a story in my mind that I am playing, like flying the family to holiday etc. And while it might not be a big difference in real aviation if you fly 3 hours in GA or 4 hours, it is for me in the sim. Because after a while, even with things like Active Sky Next, AccuSim, ORBX Scenery etc. pp it gets boring for me after a while to fly GA in FSX, because there is simply something missing, something you simply can not simulate. Therefore I tend to not fly longer than 2 hour GA flights, and if you take that into consideration it makes sense why someone might be interested in the speed of the GA. Last but not least an aircraft which flies faster not only in cruise but also on approach and departure tends to be more challenging, at least for me. So thats another reason for me why I love fast piston-powered GAs, like the Bonanza or of course the Mooney M20. nils
  12. Nils_93

    A2A Cherokee is here!

    @ pilottj How is the cruising speed? Is it higher then the C172? I personally never bought the A2A C172 because it was too slow for me So if this one would do 20-30 Knots more, it would be a nice GA addition to the hangar.
  13. Nils_93

    A2A Cherokee is here!

    They might work, however its not allowed bei the EULA aof A2A. If you want to use the Cherokee for FSX, buy a FSX licences, if you want to use her in P3d, buy a P3D licences and if you plan to use both, buy a combo package. Easy as that
  14. Nils_93

    Manual availble before purchase

    Hi Bryan, thanks for your reply and sorry for my question^^ I was looking at this page ( and was not seeing anything like a link to a manual so I assumed it might only be availble for customers Thanks again, Nils
  15. Hello everyone, I am actually really interested in this product. However, I would love to be able to read the manual before purchasing the product, to get a feeling for it. Since I couldn´t find the manual on the FS2Crew Shop I was wondering if it is availble before purchasing the product at all, or if you do not give the manual out. Thanks Nils