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  1. How do you disable the navigraph from loading if you use the GTN 750? Thanks!
  2. Version 1.1 feels much better with changes in thrust more natural. She feels like she has a bit more power too? Is the ground idle light still a bug or am I doing something wrong?! I also struggle to see the annunciator panel when HDR is enabled in P3D v3.
  3. Absolutely fantastic work, we are so lucky to have such talent! I hope this won't mes things up when or if Carenado release a service pack.
  4. Amazing work, pm sent! I don't suppose this actually increases frame rate having the GTN in place of the pro line does it?
  5. Some shots showing the CJ2 with 60 degree flaps compared to 35 degrees, which is manipulated using the normal flap operation: I've bought this little beauty today, very nice aircraft and really good performance. ooh I forgot to mention, anyone noticed the standby attitude indicator isn't working properly? I cant wait to explore some tight airstrips with this aircraft, perfect combo of business jet/hands on seat of your pants style flying which I love about these old Citations.
  6. VFR_Steve

    Carenado CJ2 Few problems

    I presume then there is no engine wear simulation, that is a shame but not a deal breaker.
  7. VFR_Steve

    Carenado CJ2 Few problems

    Thanks Ray, much appreciated. I am so close to buying this bird!
  8. VFR_Steve

    Carenado CJ2 Few problems

    I'd love to know if anyone can do a max throttle cruise to see if there is any engine damage modelling, as the King Air has this, I wondered they may have included this feature, although to be fair I'd be very surprised if they had.
  9. Hi all, I just have one quick (and hopefully simple) question - I am still using P3D 2.4 as I much prefer it, but is it possible to upgrade ASN to the service pack 2, latest build using P3D 2.4? I ask because I keep getting a notification every time I start ASN that a new update is available but when I did upgrade I got the dreaded ambient temp issue, so I had to revert back to the older version. Is there a way to turn the update request at start up off? oops that's actually two questions.. Thanks for your time folks, I love ASN, I couldn't ever fly without it Steve
  10. VFR_Steve

    Video Display Issue - Frame Rates

    Ok I'm just confirming I have the same issue.. As soon as I take off I get a fluctuation of 40-9-40-9fps?? Awful to fly with these stutters, not happy! I checked by reloading another aircraft (actually the B200 by CARENADO) and my frames rates were restored to a consistent 60fps. What's going on Carenado??
  11. I'm waiting patiently with card in hand.. I guess you guys have to wait for LM to resolve the temp issue out?
  12. ASN is FAR superior, not to mention it's the first weather program to actually simulate MOVING frontal systems, particularly having rain under each and every cloud. I am currently waiting on the P3D V2 release (I hope not too long now)? To me it's pretty easy to tell which is the better weather engine just by the visual differences