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  1. My favourite aircraft in FSX tend to be twin props. Lately I've been flying the Duke and the F27. Now I'm looking to enjoy the Q400 and I'm wondering what hardware people are using and their various experiences with it. I have a mix of Saitek (rudder, panels) and Goflight (yoke, throttle) which have generally worked quite well so far. I'm happy to throw more into the mix if it will add to the immersion. So, what are you using and what hardware do you feel has added most to your enjoyment of the Q400? Regards, Steve.
  2. Good GA hardware

    Another vote here for the Saitek multi-panel. I use Spad rather than the Saitek drivers and so far it as been working just fine. Great aircraft. Steve
  3. I suffered a very similar problem earlier this year with another 3rd party add on aircraft. Gradually the problem seemed to extend to other aircraft and then other add-ons started malfunctioning. Turned out to be corrupt simconnect files in my case. Try reinstalling the simconnect files first then reinstall the problem aircraft. If that doesn't work try reinstalling Flightsim itself, not forgetting to make sure you have all the simconnect files installed, especially if using FS-SE edition. The Duke is a fantastic aircraft so I hope the above helps you to enjoy it to the full. Steve