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  1. touchdown49

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Just upgraded from 4.1 to 4.3 following Poppets instructions completely. All running well and no issues so far on the test flight. I did delete the shaders file and the config file as instructed. Sim very smooth and all add ons working ie scenery various mostly orbx.....Active Sky V4 with Bets update.....Vatsim.....PMDG 737..........navigraph charts and Aivlasoft EFB v1. My specs Intel 7700 4.2 GHZ not overclocked Graphics card Is Nvidia 1080Gamer Ti with 11GB of memory 3 monitors Thank you Poppet for the great instructions.
  2. touchdown49

    P3d Config File

    Thank you very much Eric I appreciate your views. The thing that is the most annoying when resetting the config file is that all the settings for Yoke and Throttle controls and key and button assignments have to be input all over again that was why i mentioned it. Once again thank you for your comments.
  3. touchdown49

    P3d Config File

    Hello everyone Just a very quick question. When it says to delete your P3dv4 config file and let it rebuild do you have to reset everything again. I do take a copy of my live Config file and wondered if you delete the contents of the new rebuilt one and copy into it the details form the copy one is this adequate. What does everyone else do. Oh and I have set up a signature can someone let me know if it is working. Kind regards David Spackman...(just in case the signature is not working)
  4. touchdown49

    New Computer Install of 737

    Thank you downscc for your help. I am not sure what you mean by release the license on my old computer. I did look through the documentation but I missed any reference to this. Is it something you have to do using the FMC? I assumed by uninstalling it from my old computer that released the license. Hope you can clarify. Thanks again David Spackman
  5. touchdown49

    New Computer Install of 737

    Hello I have received a new computer build and wish to transfer my PMDG 737 for P3dv4 from my old computer to the new one. Am I correct that I have to uninstall the aircraft from my old computer along with P3dv4 and then reinstall the aircraft to the new one. Will this overcome any licence issues? I have a back up of the P3dv4 737 on an external drive to avoid downloading it again. I purchased the 737 for P3dv4 not long ago for my old computer. Just would appreciate the best way on this as this is my first reinstall of the aircraft. Thank you David Spackman
  6. touchdown49

    New Computer Build

    I apologise if I did this wrong by posting in numerous forums as I thought that each forum eg P3d and say Active sky would reply as to what was appropriate to that forum. Thenk you for those that replied regarding P3d but I am not sure what to do with ORBX ,PMDG and Active Sky. Any help will be much appreciated as I am fairly new to P3d. kind regards David Spackman
  7. touchdown49

    New Computer Build

    Hello Everyone I need some advice on how to move forward with a new hi end computer build with Windows 10 that is currently being built professionally and how to reload everything and the procedures necessary. I currently have a mid range computer with Windows 7 and the following is installed on it FSX Fsx Simulator Active Sky 2016 for FSX Orbx FTX scenery Various world Orbx airports mostly Australia and New Zealand and Europe PMDG aircraft 737, 777, 747 latest models P3dv4.1 P3d Simulator Active Sky 2016 for P3dv4 Orbx FTX scenery for P3dv4 Various World Orbx airports mostly Australia and New Zealand and Europe PMDG aircraft 737 I also use Vpilot on VATSIM and Aivlasoft EFB My intentions if possible is to make the new build running only P3d and the existing computer running FSX only. I would be very grateful if anyone can explain what I need to do by way of Uninstall and Install to achieve this objective for the software packages appropriate to this Forum. Kind regards D P Spackman
  8. touchdown49

    Prepar3dV4 or FSX

    hello everyone Since this post in June I have now installed P3dv4.1 and it is running pretty well. I do think the lack of vram is an issue though and am considering upgrading to a MSI GTX 1070 or 1080. My question to you technical guys is i currently have a Intel i7-2600 CPU at 3.40 GHz. Is this capable of running the improved graphics cards. I am not really in a position to upgrade the CPU and probably the motherboard. My RAM is 16GB. Any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards
  9. touchdown49

    Prepar3dV4 or FSX

    Many thanks to everyone who has replied and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. In conclusion i think I will move across a little at a time and keep the sliders middle of the road. Ill update scenery and aircraft on a gradual basis. At some point a higher spec graphics card I think. Ill check the Vatsim issue regarding vpilot as that is very important to me being a real world IFR pilot. Once again many thanks everyone
  10. touchdown49

    Prepar3dV4 or FSX

    Hello all, I am thinking of moving across from FSX X to Prepare 3dv4. I have a I7 processor and a Gee force GTX 970 video card 4GB memory and a 1TB SSD drive. I run V pilot as I use VATSIM and Aivlasoft EFB. I have 16GB ram in the computer. I run ORBX scenery, Global Base, Global vectors and Landclass Europe and USA and ORBX airports mainly in Australia and NZ. I also have Fly Tampa Sydney and Kai Tek. I also run Active sky 16 with Soft clouds. I have quite a lot of freeware airport scenery for use in the USA. I also have the PMDG 737 NGX, 777 and the 747v3. My system is pretty well tuned thanks to all the input I have found on this site and I also run Nvidia Inspector. I see that a number of you have moved up from Prepar3d v 3.4 to version 4. My question is is this a good time to change from FSX would there be noticeable benefits and can I run both FSX and Prepar3d on the one computer until all updates have been made by the various developers. Would there be a clash between FUIPC for FSX and the new version 5 just released. There seems to be so many differing views and I hope that you are able to make some constructive comments that may aid my decision. Regards