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  1. GlenH

    Up next?

    As PMDG has flat out refused an updated MD11, can we have a 707 or 747 classic instead please? Glen Hall
  2. I wouldn't believe The Sun if they reported the sky is blue and rain is wet!
  3. I voted yes. But If we cannot have the MD-11 could we have a B707 instead? :) Glen Hall
  4. you cooked the brakes!! Glen Hall
  5. GlenH

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    Boeing 707 :wub: Glen Hall
  6. My P3D folder is currently at 81 Gb, that's with Orbx global, vector, fsglobal 2010, fly tampa Kai Tak, taxi2gate VHHH, UK2000 EGLL and PMDG. HTH Glen
  7. I have the same basic set up as you (mobo, cpu, gpu) i went for a 256gb M.2 ssd on a pci-e card and its very quick. P3D + pmdg + orbx loads in under a minute. hope this helps Glen
  8. GlenH

    FSX in break mode

    Hi Go into your settings and see if "Pause on task switch" is ticked, if so, then un-tick. Hope this helps Glen
  9. Yes, FSINN will use the MTL models, as for the VAS i have no idea. Sorry. Glen
  10. Hope this helps Glen
  11. GlenH

    NGX on P3D nothing works - Help :(

    Try looking in your Prepar3d v2\redist\Interface folder, Simconnect Installers will be there. hope this helps Glen H
  12. I had to edit the registry key for FSX:SE to install the 777-200base, it could'nt find the fsx registry....Had to rename it to Flight Simulator, Changed from Flight Simulator - Steam Edition Glen
  13. I had this problem too, in the option for choosing the simulator, haveing both boxes ticked in the installer allowed the installation of the 777-300. I only have FSX:SE on my pc, but i had to check the box in the installer for FSX:MS and SE for it to install. Hope this helps Glen
  14. GlenH

    Windows Updates

    Hello, If you right click on the ones you dont want their should be a menu which pops up, if you click on 'Hide Update' then it'll never bother you again. Hope this helps Glen