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  1. Hello Im rewriting my post , it seems someone deleted the previous one without any message sent my way I need to know why Im getting and error 404 when reinstalling the gps Ive built a new computer and need the gps working
  2. Today I needed to reinstall my gps units and found out the installers no longer work the error is GarminTrainerSetup_2000.exe file not found
  3. Will this include a fix for the windshield on the NGX?
  4. I currently have Python3 installed in my system because its a requirement for ortho4xp is there a way to have python v2 and v3 in the same system so that noaa plugin works?
  5. hello currently Im a user of ortho4xp which one its requirements is to have a python 3 install with this version of python the plugin pythoninterface dosent work (requires v2) Im wondering if you guys know what can i do to have them both installed at the same time
  6. EvilNando

    Volumetric Props

    Are there any plans to add volumetric prop effects ? propellers in motion look very flat as it is Armando Alva
  7. exactly what this dude says! I was about to write basically a word by word description of OSM if you value your FPS , stay away from it
  8. EvilNando

    Instrument Glass Reflections

    reflections are fine, actually quite outstanding
  9. airfoilabs is the A2A of xplane
  10. EvilNando

    SSG E-Jets 170 Evo

    Im gonna leave this undocumented feature here besides that and the low res efis system i would say the plane is quite overpriced the interior has many geometry errors (wings and cabin for example) but if you dont mind those bugs and have the money , sure go for it , but I would say at this point in time there are better planes in the market at that price point
  11. EvilNando

    DC-6 Manuals and Docs

    by your answer im assuming the POH has everything needed to plan a flight from A to B? if so , i would like to know how you are planning flights with this plane my name is Armando Alva
  12. EvilNando

    DC-6 Manuals and Docs

    Im sorry but where are the flight planning charts?
  13. EvilNando

    Fly by wire

    hahaha so you were watching, nice!
  14. EvilNando

    Fly by wire

    Hello, whenever Im in a turn the aircraft seems to maintain the attitude once I let go of the controls, the situation is still present even at 60plus degress of bank angle Im having a hard time believing this is what the real plane does given the absurd amount of dihedral present Is this correct behaviour? Armando Alva Q400 FO
  15. EvilNando

    TBM850 anyone?

    absolutely horrendous FPS stay away from it unless you feel like paying to beta test for carenado