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  1. mike4370

    Extracting test.exe upon starting CP

    by "tomorrow" do you mean Apr 2? because from what i can see, you posted this on Apr 1. it's now Apr 3rd and Im still seeing "test.exe" when I start CP. (using the experimental version)
  2. I've been having this issue in P3D 4.1 where when I move the view with the middle mouse button, sometimes the view will suddenly jump on its own to a view looking straight down. It happens with inside and outside views.
  3. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    wait, i take that last post back lol.... Keven, you're a genious. I just started p3d again after trying your solution and it seems to be successful. but what in the world are those two errors i got (ucrtbase.dll and ntdll.dll?)
  4. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    I just got a crash as soon as p3d started, here's the event viewer log entry.... <removed log>
  5. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    I'll try it, I still think its FSUIPC though. Im trying other airports in the NY area and it seems the issue comes up at these other airports in NY also (even default ones). on the west coast however, everything seems fine. (such as KSNA, KSFO, KSAN etc etc) this is really strange. why would this issue happen only in certain places in the sim? and just seem to happen out of nowhere. it seems only GSX and CP takes a dump on itself when this happens.
  6. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    i tried that but it said I already have the latest version of FSUIPC and it wouldn't let me roll back to the previous version, therefore i deleted the previous installer I had. Eziocin, how do you reinstall simconnect?
  7. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    I dont think its a chaseplane issue. I just updated FSUIPC to 5.123 and I think that is a big part of the problem. (how do you reinstall simconnect?)
  8. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    I would'nt know where to start to try to figure out what the issue is but you might be on to something here with FSUIPC. I just updated FSUIPC with the latest version and since then, nothing but problems like this. for me, the issue seems to only happen at fsdreamteam's KJFK v2. GSX and CP seems to work just fine at other airports I've tried it out on.
  9. mike4370

    Strange issue on external views

    I noticed the same thing this morning. its happening with the FSLabs A320. my issue seems to happen only at fsdt KJFK. Im also having an issue with GSX at that airport. I cant pull up anything from the GSX services menu, then if i try to resart coualt, GSX disappears from the P3D menu all together.
  10. mike4370

    Version 1.20.8396

    I'm downloading it from the pmdg website (Order #386455) and it seems the new version is still not available, when i run the installer it only gives me the option to modify, repair or remove. i chose modify and it does not update. I still see in the operations center that i have version 1.20.8389 installed
  11. mike4370

    737 ngx for p3d v4

    oh ok, because i also redownloaded the installer from my account today and that didnt work either so good, im glad at least i wasn't doing something incorrectly
  12. mike4370

    737 ngx for p3d v4

    I see that the 737 is out for p3d v4. in the operations center it says i have the ngx installed in p3d v3 and to use my installer to install into p3d v4 but when i run the installer it only gives me the option to modify, repair or unistall and nothing about installing into v4. I've tried all three options and i cant install it into p3d v4. am i missing something?