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  1. Not been working for me for the last 3 days now.
  2. Getting the same error in the UK.
  3. Guy's, the above may enlighten you (It's not just PMDG Aircraft).
  4. I'm in the UK and still not seen any update for the 777, I've had the update for the 737NGX but nothing for the 777. Kyle, can you confirm what the latest version of the 777 is, I currently have v1.10.8414.
  5. I'm in the UK and have only seen the update for the 737NGX, nothing so far for the 777.
  6. Yep, also in the UK and also getting the "No such key" error when trying to download the 737 NGX, have submitted a ticket.
  7. Where Aerosoft is concerned it is the DVD boxed version.
  8. Not sure where you downloaded this from but from the AS Support page (http://support.aerosoft.com) the version is still 1.20.8389. Can you advise where you downloaded 1.20.8396 from?
  9. Hi, Can someone advise when V1.20.8396 will be available to download from Aerosoft, I have been trying for the last two days but they are still showing V1.20.8389. Thanks.
  10. Am having the same issues with Saitek Yoke, Throttle Quadrant and additional Saitek USB Throttle Quadrant not working, did the above work?
  11. I too am having exactly the same problem with FSX version, Click on update download starts, DOS window opens runs a few lines then shuts after 4-5 seconds, checked version and it still shows the old one, close and then open Ops Center and see that I again have an update, please advise how to correct this.
  12. Dan Air British Air Ferries Air Europe British Island Airways
  13. I would like the entire Virgin Atlantic fleet if possible.
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