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  1. Maarten, any chance that this wonderful tool could be run as a WideFS/FSUIPC client? I see the folder structure and shares mentioned in the manual. However, I am wanting to avoid any sharing of folders across the network due to potential vulnerabilities. Don
  2. Very nice tool. Any chance getting this to run as a WideClient application? Don
  3. Oh DUH! A senior moment. Thanks Steve. Don
  4. Steve asked: "Is the axis indicator fix selected in the Other Dialog?" I am not sure what you are asking. In the past the indicator was black until version 2.2 or 2.3. Not sure why it returned to the correct color (red) but it just did. Don
  5. Steve, did version 2.4 change the axis indicator back to black? This seemed to be a minor issue until version 2.2 or 2.3 which changed the color back to its original red color (easier to see) but after installing version 2.4, they have returned to black. Don
  6. I have the Cessna Saitek Yoke (almost 2-years now) and hate the "spring-to-center" action and the large detent. It is very difficult adding small elevator inputs and trim on approach when the yoke wants to jump to center. When the modifications detailed at the beginning of this post, I thought I would be able to eliminate the problems. However, I soon discovered that the Cessna yoke was different enough that the mod could not be implemented effectively (the tabs where the springs are fastened with the tie-wraps are not present on the Cessna yoke). Disappointing. I just live with the fact I will porpoise somewhat on my final approaches unless I use the APR mode of the autopilot. BTW - I had also purchased the GoFlight Yoke ($750) some months back only to return it. The bearing collar presented significant drag and there was still the presence of the auto-return to center issue. While GoFlight did offer to step me through a repair action, I declined and returned the product. Still a steep price even at today's price for a product that basically exhibits similar issues. Don
  7. I found your fix for this "bleed through", downloaded it, backed-up my file in the 303 folder, rebuilt the scenery DB and still had the exact same problem. Did I miss something? Don
  8. hartseld

    KLGB Long Beach Airport ver4

    I just sent you an email to help. Don
  9. hartseld

    KLGB Long Beach Airport ver4

    I have attempted with the default single engine aircraft in FSX as well as pay-ware single engines aircraft (Carenado, etc). Same issue. Don
  10. hartseld

    KLGB Long Beach Airport ver4

    You guys are making me jealous with your greater than 30 FPS flights. In three years and after all of the published tweaks, the best I have ever done is get 25 FPS with unlimited selected. Don (the slow).
  11. hartseld

    KLGB Long Beach Airport ver4

    After installing KLGB (Fantastic Looking Work) my frame rate was 2.6 to 3.2. Made it interesting taxing and departing. Once I became airborne and a few miles out, FPS improved to 16. Note, I was also using MegaScenery Earth UltraRes LA & San Diego, MegaScenery Earth 2.0 California, FSDreamTeam KLAX, and Ultimate Terrain-X USA. While I usually do not get 30 FPS when I fly, I do average around 25 FPS. I elected to disable EVERYTHING listed above with no real effect (about 2 FPS improvement). BTW, I also get the rapid flickering described previously in this thread when I use the TOP DOWN view while parked at KLGB. Don
  12. hartseld

    Shez KLGB v4 now available

    I experienced a severe drop in FPS (2 to 3 FPS max when I am parked at KLGB - at KLAX I am getting 28 FPS).
  13. hartseld

    Key Request - Failure

    I have also had the Mailer-Daemon warning and my key request in limbo since yesterday. JD, I sent another request to the email address you posted earlier in this discussion. Don Hartsel