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  1. Yakdown pete

    FSX SE Windows 10 Install

    My main sim pc has windows 10 clean install after win 7 update FSX steam has been working great for some time - it is also now win 10 compatible - addon compatibility is mainly down to Dovetail thinking ahead and configuring stand alone installs of the steam version to emulate as close as possible the registry keys and folder names used by fsx box. Nick's guide contains some system settings that apply in both win 7 and win 10 but I haven't see any indication that he has plans to do a win 10 or FSX steam update to the guide Certainly FSX steam is about as optimised as it can be following Dovetail's own testing. Pete
  2. Yakdown pete

    Issue with EZCA and Aerosoft AirBus

    Hi Mark, You may be misled in thinking the appcrash report is related to your issue. Ezdok camera has been generating appcrash reports for a very long time, in fact, since the launch of windows 8 in oct 2012 ..... It's not new in windows 10 The good news is, both Windows versions are pretty efficient at trapping and restarting ezdok camera before a CTD actually occurs. Once a week I do a clearout of the reports to keep my OS tidy This doesn't mean ezdok isn't causing the problem, just be aware that an ezdok appcrash report may not pinpoint the actual cause. I checked the airbus 318/319 and the 320/321 extended versions in FSX -SE and P3d v3 using the ezdok beta version. Clicking on the dir button seems to be ok, no problems occur. Pete
  3. Yakdown pete

    FSX AutoSave cannot install

    Jernite Go back to the FSUIPC FAQ section a posted fix is in there - it is caused by the overzealous windows defender software that is always on and cannot be turned off easily The fix is to exclude the fsx process exe. It will also exclude all associated files created by the sim or FSUIPC from being auto scanned Hope this helps
  4. Yakdown pete

    Windows 10 and Ezdok

    Installing windows 10 is equall to a new pc purchase Ezdok activation is now required, go to flight1 website and on support page follow the instructions to reactive your order un install ezdok after saving your aircraft camera sets and world camera files Re install using the flight1 file ezdokcamera.exe also available on the flight1 website Regards
  5. Yakdown pete

    FS Global 2010 P3D Install Problem

    This error can occur if A you have p3d installed in c:/ program files (x86) which should be avoided as it is the worst location to install any sim B you did not use run as adminsistrator by righ clicking on the installer