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  1. ethan_hines

    Mindstar G1000

    I realise you simmers have much more experience than I when it comes to Gauges etc....but what irks me is How can i Fly IFR with Mindstar's rendition of the G1000 if after manually entering in a flight plan (as in real life) in the MFD and pressing the ATC key and "request IFR Clearance" so I can get Vectors-to-Final it CTD? Why should someone pay for that? And as for keeping the Nav Data up to date I realise that even Reallity XP requires a subscription for keeping the Nav Data up to date. But why not allow for a standard NavDatabase like Navigraph instead of an obscure Database that AFAIK is used only for the Mindstar software i.e RealNav? And have I mentioned that Mindstar's policy of only being able to authorize twice. In other words if you format your PC you can only install the software twice before you get this message. What software company in the world after paying restricts you to 2 installs??! I can only think I one MICROSOFT and that's based on some algorithm that detects if indeed the software is on 2 (TWO) separate PC's at the same time. And this is the message you get if you try to update..... And finally their messgage board is SOL too.....
  2. ethan_hines

    Questions For Early Phenom Pilots

    NO it is not! It lacks terrain, it freezes if you try to FLY IFR with a flight plan already stored in MS, it has no TAWS no Annunciation it just you have to PAY to get real life Nav Data. It's just not worth the $49.95.
  3. ethan_hines

    Mindstar G1000

    I bought the Garmin G1000 from Mindstar thinking it would give me a better idea what a real G1000 would be like in flight. Boy was I wrong! First unlike the Carendo's version of the G1000 (which changes per airplane) Terrain Does not work. Worst of all if you plan an IFR plan in the default FSX flight planer a)it will not display in the G1000 and if you do the reverse b)plan the flight with the G1000 in the FSX flight planer it only shows as if it's Waypoint to Waypoint annnd if you attempt to get IFR clearance from ATC after using the G1000 to plan a route FSX crashes! I am extremely disappointed with Mindstar's version of G1000. Yes I admit it's far better than the default G1000 in FSX but common this is 2014 not 2001 the G1000 is (or should be) standard equipment in a GA airplane. Oh and did I mention that the price $49USD does not include an updated AIRAC??! -Chris
  4. ethan_hines

    Which payware GA have G1000 installed?

    That's not entirely true; take the Reality XP GNS600, it relies on the Garmin Simulator to be installed. I only wish the same applied for the G1000. The Gamin Sim is Faaaarrr Superior to the g1000 in default FSX, mindstar or Carenado put together! -Chris
  5. ethan_hines

    MAYDAY MAYDAY All instrument malfunction !

    I don't mean to be insenitive to the vicitims of MH370 but is it possible something like this happened to the instuments at night? And they couldn't get a fix? Course I imagine they would have contacted ATC about the failure. Interestingly the intigrated standby flight display is not affected by this "glitch" so attitude,altitude and speed can be determined but not navigation yet the autopilot still goes on it mary way with LNAV/VNAV go figure! Chris
  6. ethan_hines

    MAYDAY MAYDAY All instrument malfunction !

    What is standard operating procedure (in real life) if/when PFD/MFD in a 777 malfunctions?
  7. ethan_hines

    Which payware GA have G1000 installed?

    Anyone know of a plane with a g1000 that can do VNAV? Also can be updated to the latest AIRAC (1404 as of this post)
  8. ethan_hines

    Autorudder. Used in real world?

    When the automatic transmission was first introduced to the automobile industry there was push back and dismissal of its usefulness my guess is the same situation exist here. People are used to the status quo and I think it (the idea of automatic coordinated turns) will come in time.
  9. ethan_hines

    Autorudder. Used in real world?

    Is there any particular reason that corordinated turns are not automatic as in the flight sim? Is there an advantage to having independant control? I thought that using a rudder to make a turn is pointless without the yoke? And itsn't true that too much rudder on a turn can cause a spin? Also I watched this amature land a 737 and I noticed he had one hand on the yoke and another on the throttle. He even said flying a plane is like driving a car with 7 gears in diferent places. Would it not then make sense to have "both hand on the wheeel" so to speak and put the throttle on the floor where the rudders are more like a vechicle? So like left rudder increases thrust, right rudder decreases thrust. I know it's probably simplistic but with the advent of much more sophisticated onboard flight systems it must be possible.