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  1. GTN 750/650 now compatible with 4.2

    JRS, Go to the storefront and download the file. Open the wrapper and look for the "click here to reinstall" button. Hit it and you might need your Flight1 username and password. Take care
  2. Oh great, the shakes are back

    Active Sky simulates wake turbulence.
  3. Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    A third test fix has been posted. It too is working well on my system. I can leave Defender on. Did a quick flight from KSEA to KPDX in the A2A C182 without a hitch. Time to start loading up some other planes. Thanks to everyone for their input and help with this.
  4. Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    Flight1 has released a second test fix in their support forum. Fixed my black screens with both the 750 and 650.
  5. Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    Thank you folks for all your suggestions. Excluded all folders as recommended above. Uninstalled and reinstalled all components with virus protection off. Still no joy. Ticket submitted to Flight1 so hopefully will get this sorted. I will let you know how it gets fixed.
  6. Flight 1 GTN 750 & GTN 650 released!

    Same problem here Garmin trainer works fine Black screens only in sim. Flight1 support does not have an option for the "complete" version. Cannot register under 750 or 650 so am unable to gain access to forum.
  7. Thank you for the updates. I appreciate the hard work and attention to detail. BZ John Cook
  8. P3DV4 - addons updated for V4

    Hi Bob, FsGlobal's installer on your original product will look for an update. The update works with v4. Change from a full install to the surface layer only, no files are copied.
  9. P3DV4 - addons updated for V4

    Pilot's FS Global next gen mesh is good to go. No need for full install either. Only took a few minutes to load using the "install surface layer only" option in their new setup tool. Looks great too.