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  1. during the "check" responses, the green message bar is showing "Flare". i have no idea where the flare sound is coming from that the FO is recognizing.
  2. hi, recently i have a very annoying, possibly a game breaking with the NGX reboot. the FO is repeating "checked" randomly during flight and espeically during approach and landing checklist phase. This makes it highly impossibly or stressful to complete the landing checklist on time since the FO does not listen to my commands rather is focused on saying "checked" continuously. i had to hard mute it a couple of times to stop the FO, but the problem resumes in a couple of seconds or with the next command/response. (when the FO says checked i do notice the FSX message bar displaying "Flare"). Any help/tips/advice/recommendation will be highly helpful Thanks
  3. I recently removed FSX box version and clean installed FSX SE. The base NGX pack is installed and works correctly. I am facing a serious problem installing the expansion (600/700). I cannot get past the second step of the install where the installer asks to select the FSX version. there is no possibility to select the FSX version and in the i end up getting a unable to find fsx.exe for the retail edition. I do not need to install NGX for the reail version. I run windows 10.