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  1. Eagle0110

    What is DCS

    Not for the current black sea map, not in the near future at least. The current map was built with the old engine and the entire map basically need to be remade to utilize the new features of the new graphic engine which doesn't really worth it and they are all focused on working on the new NTTR map at the moment, and then the Strait of Hormuz map and the 1944 Normandy map...
  2. Eagle0110

    777 Community Survey Project

    1. Are you a male or a female? - Male 2. How old are you? - Less than 20 years old 3. Where do you live? - Asia 4. You have been simming since: - Flight Simulator 2004 5. How long have you been flying liners in Microsoft Flifht Simulator ? - [1-2] years 6. How often do you fly the 777? - Once a month 7. How long is your average flight with the 777? - [1-2] hours 8. Most of the time, your 777 flights are: - Within North America - Within Asia - Transcontinental 9. What software do you use to plan your 777 flight? - PFPX 10. Do you use online services to plan your 777 flights? - flightaware.com - skyvector.com 11. Do you use AIRAC? - Yes Navigraph 12. For pushback, jetways, ground services... you use: - GSX Ground Services for FSX 13. Do you use "in-flight" addons? - No 14. Do you use a view manager utility? - Yes EZDok 15. Do you use time compression? - Yes sometimes 16. Do you use ATC? - Yes Pro-ATC software 17. For the weather, you use: - Active Sky Next 18. Do you use environmental textures addon (sky, clouds, water)? - Yes REX - Yes FEX 19. Do you use ground textures addon? - FTX Global Base Pack - FTX Global Vector 20. Do you use meshes? - Yes FS Global 2010 21. Do you fly for a Virtual Airline? - No. 22. Do you fly online? - No, but planning to join VATSIM. How about add a question of previous experience on other aircrafts/sim? I sadly wasn't aware about PMDG in the past years, so I went to fly 3 years on Ka-50 and 2 years on A-10C in DCS with both single player and multiplayer missions...
  3. Eagle0110

    Engine Question

    That actually make sense some way. Maybe the type 115 engine was part of the plan of 300ER and therefore might come put just after all the work is done with the 300ER as an update or something like that. BTW I actually don't think it's very hard to "port" it to the engine from the 300ER to 200LR, since the other avionics relate to the different engine dates like FMS, etc seems to be identical between the two aircraft. However to create the availability of a different engine type is definitely a huge amount of work... But of course, I'm not more than guessing here, it's up to PMDG to declare...
  4. Eagle0110

    Engine Question

    Thank you for pointing that out! Just edited my original post.
  5. Eagle0110

    Engine Question

    Really good point! Hope we could get an answer from PMDG soon.
  6. Eagle0110

    777 Performance Manger

    No doubt the overall performance of 777 is better than the 737NGX. However with the 737NGX it was also provided with a very handy tool that can reduce the texture, model and display resolution in the VC, and therefore potentially improves the FPS IN THE VC. Would this kind of performance setting becomes available for the 777 in future updates?
  7. Eagle0110

    DCS A-10 Versus Iris FSX A-10

    Also not to mention that, the DCS products with "DCS" titles are claimed to be simulating the flight dynamics with real-time calculations. That means they really count all the aerodynamic forces being excerted onto the wings, the fusluge, the stablizers, and even the landing gears, while FSX is only capable to simulate the general "behavior" with pre-programed scripts. Of course the formula used to calculat the aerodynamic in the DCS products are relatively simplfied to let our normal PC be able to handle, but it definatly achieves greater deepth than the simple scripts, and can be used to simulate much more complex aerodynamic effects. The real-time calculations of aerodynamic effects also makes it possible to simulate the situations when you've got a bad shot on your A-10, like when you got some holes on your wing, or half of the stablized is knocked out, which is also something a A-10 pilot supposed to possiblely exprience. And DCS simulates those very well. But after all, I really can't understand what makes sense to fly an A-10 in the FSX. The FSX is designed to simulate the civial aviation, it has the whole world to fly through, it has detailed terrin, it has all the VOR/DME and other navaids, but it's not the one presents you the battle field. And the DCS is designed to simulated the military aviation, it has many ground vehicals of all kind of ground units, includes all the mordern air-defense units, and creates a very realistic threaten environment for the aircrafts, as well as fairly excellent AI that simulates the ground combat of the ground units and troops who possibly needs the support from the aircrafts like A-10. However the DCS has by now only part of Georgia in the scene although it already has many geographical elements that can take place in a mordern combat. Plus that FSX is not designed to be capable to have great deepth simulation of the weapon system and all the demage of each types of weapons, which on the other hand the DCS was in the much earlier time a simulation entirly focused on the air combat (it was originally named Lock On: Mordern Air Combat). I really don't see any points to try to fly a military aircraft in a simulation that military simulation is simply not seems to be it's purpose. And apology to my bad English