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  1. pilotso

    Weird FSX Crash with PMDG 737

    Whenever I fly my PMDG 737NGX and I hit 26,000 feet or FL260, my fsx crashes. It stops working and gives me an error message like FSX has stopped working. I don't know why. This never used to happen, only recently did it start. Any help? Correction: It only seems to crash when I am flying a flight for Delta Virtual Airlines with my FMC programmed. It seems like a software is making it crash.
  2. pilotso

    Ran out of memory

    Right, I do know that I have changed my VAS settings. I have many addon's installed on my fsx.
  3. pilotso

    Ran out of memory

    An ASUS HD 5450 Silent 1GB DDr3
  4. Hi all! Whenever I try to play FSX after about a minute it crashes saying it ran out of memory. I didn't used to do this. Just in the past few weeks. Computer Specs: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.00GHz 4096MB of Ram(~4GB) 750 GB HD with 132 GB remaining Any help?
  5. pilotso

    FSX Will Not Load

    Uninstalling Addon Manager did not work. I do not have the dll.xml because I have uninstalled SDK. I am afraid that is the problem though. I used Airport Design Editor, which needs SDK. I have used it in the past many times, but I re installed my operating system and my FSX. Anything I can do? Also I can't find the C++ 2005 for 32 bit computers. I have run FSX many times on this computer many times just until I installed SDK. I do have C++ 2005, but I'm not sure about sp1. I installed FSX from my two discs. I have only uninstalled the FSDT addon manager after it was not working somehow. My terminals disappeared. I just uninstalled it again. That might be the problem. Thank you to everyone who helped me with this issue! I uninstalled my addon manager and it worked! Thanks especially to firehawk44 or Jim Young. This is a great aviation form!
  6. pilotso

    FSX Will Not Load

    Still doesn't work. Just says fatal error.
  7. pilotso

    FSX Will Not Load

    I did uninstall SDK. FSX is the only thing running that is really making my CPU usage go up. It is not at 100% Ok. So I switched to my second user, I loaded up FSX and it started loading the little box. Then at 9% it just disappeared.
  8. pilotso

    FSX Will Not Load

    My CPU is around 50% Here is a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/3bugbr Link
  9. pilotso

    FSX Will Not Load

    SDK comes with FSX Deluxe Edition. I have used it many times before. It helps you create scenery for Flight Simulator.
  10. pilotso

    FSX Will Not Load

    Earlier today I installed FSX SDK from my deluxe edition FSX. Then I installed FSX SDK1a and FSX SDK2. Now my fsx will not load. It is stuck on the splash screen. I have tried registry editor, changing my logbook name, but nothing works. Any help?