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  1. Cowan Simulation, Hype Peformance Group and FlyInside have great helicopters. You can't go wrong with any of them but remember that MSFS is still pretty much a work in progress, so helicopters still need some work.
  2. Great seeing you pitching in, CJ. Thanks for joining the convo. I'm trying my best to reach the dev team about this but it's VERY hard to get a hold of anyone right now. Not that I haven't been trying.
  3. Well, I think I'll always be a Grumpy Simmer!
  4. I am, yes. I wanted this thread to be specific for Microsoft Flight Simulator, though. I hope that's OK.
  5. Awwwwww man... Thank you so much. I love you guys as well. Thank you for being "out there" 🙂
  6. I agree with you 100%. I have seen that with our community. Folks are usually mature, helpful and extremely loyal. Don't be fooled, though: we ARE a small community but our numbers are growing and there's a lot of people out there that likes helicopters but just haven't found other like-minded rotorheads. That was a big reason why I decided to post here on the forums: so that folks could realize there are other helicopter fans out there (our Facebook Group has over 6,000 members already, for example).
  7. Sling-loading, hoisting operations, medevac, fire fighting, you name it. There's a whole bunch of stuff helicopters can do and adding those features to MSFS, along with a good flight model and physics might make the sim a game-changer for the rotorheads out there. If it's VR-able, of course, which I am assuming it is.
  8. Firefighting, sling loading, hoist operations, medical evacuation. Pretty much everything a helicopter can do. And boy, they can do A LOT.
  9. That's what I'm afraid of. I am hoping MS looks at helicopters differently. The limitations on FSX (and not just the flight model but also the inability to have a decent multi-engine helicopter) are pretty big. I hope they don't just port what they have into the new sim but actually look at the very different dynamics and quirks of these machines.
  10. I tried to look for a thread about helicopters but couldn't find anything specific. So, obviously, I had to start one. Helicopters in FSX and P3D are pretty bad. With the honorable exception of the Dodosim 206, helicopter flight model is very poor and sluggish. The trailer for MSFS2020 catered for the obvious Airliner / GA crew but, as usual, the helicopter lovers are neglected. I hope they are being neglected in the trailer but not on the sim itself, though. MSFS2020 without helicopters would be disappointing for our niche. Yes there are other (and better) sims with helicopters out there, but I think choices are always important to have. Especially when people invest so much in their sims. Do we have rotorheads here? Are you also hoping Microsoft will do a good job? What are your hopes and fears for this sim regarding helicopters?
  11. All I ask for is a good flight model for helicopters. And helicopters. I'm sure the rest will be taken care of.
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