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  1. oups! 2 years... i just come back from alpha Centauri..
  2. Hello, gunseli, in this topic we are talking about the MCP2airbus, your bild is the MCP2 boeing..
  3. eureka! my one module for the Mustang is on the way! thank's a lot for your quick answer ScotFlieger, i can use my FCU more than bevor! :wink:
  4. Thank's again! :smile: now i have something nice for my default FSX . I know there is a module for the Mustang but it's not for the MPC2a i suppose ? http://www.avsim.com/topic/424217-flight1-cessna-mustang-module-version-12/ i try with my FCU and doesn't work... is it possible to program something "easy " for the FCU with the existing Module? how can i do that? Merci!
  5. Thank's ScotFlieger ! it's working fine with your help. :smile: now, is it normal with the default plane that the AP1 button (FCU) for exemple not working like the "Z" to engage the AP? or i can change the heading but i can't engage it for exemple ? do i program it? and the last, is there a module existing for the Flight one Mustang and FCU MPC2a ? Merci!
  6. Hello, i have LINDA 2.8.3 installed and is working fine with the FCU airbus Vrinsight and the modules for aerosoft Airbus , boeing 737NG ,an Majestic Q400 but if i try with *FSX Default aircraft , nothing appening.. I have this message : [E] *** LUA Error: error loading module 'linda-cfg/aircrafts/FSX Default/config-mcp2a' from file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\modules\linda-cfg/aircrafts/FSX Default/config-mcp2a.lua': Thank's for your hepl Djije
  7. Thanks for your quick answer! so, i'll be waiting for your new works! ...this week? :wink: :Whistle: Djije
  8. Salut ScotFlieger, I have the FCU airbus and this work fine due to your work! thanks! My question is if the FCU is compatible the with Majestic Q400 ? Thanks, djije
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