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  1. Update : It's working with the new drivers, I was doing something wrong. Cheers.
  2. I am quite sure NickN wrote somewhere It doesn't matter however his reasoning is that you will be able to detect if nVidia Inspector stopped working as you have low settings inside FSX. Anyhow I solved my problem, some guy on reddit pointed that the new nVidia drivers are not compatible with FSX and nVidia Inspector, I gave it a try and rolled back my driver and it worked. Thanks for your help.
  3. Why does FSX has to be set to Trilinear if it will be overwritten anyways ?
  4. Ops , I took a picture for the wrong settings here are the FSX settings. However, the setting for Anisotropic Filtering is actually correct, "User Defined / Off" to my understanding simply means override FSX settings. Can you post your settings ?
  5. Hello, I have a bit of an issue with my FSX:SE and I hope someone can help me with it. So basically I'm trying to override FSX:SE Filtering and Anti-Aliasing settings using nVidia Inspector as described here http://www.avsim.com/topic/324786-nvidia-configuration-guide-inspector-2xxxx-drivers-version-20-explanations-of-all-settings/ However I'm not sure if the settings are being applied correctly or not. The reasons why I think the settings are being applied is because when I set the frame limiter to 30.5 it works. But when I set the Anisotropic filtering using nVidia Inspector and turn it off in FSX there is no filtering happening. Here is a picture of my nVidia Inspector settings and here is my FSX settings and here is a picture from inside FSX It is clear than no kind of filtering was done, and to my understanding that FSX settings should be overwritten. Hope some knows the solution to this. Thanks in advance.
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