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  1. Riiiiight....will read all 6000 posts prior to any future updates.......got it.........smh
  2. I get that. The staff was unaware of the issue at time of release. It appears everyone was surprised. The original thread was locked so fast I couldn't respond. Thanks Again.
  3. Concerning the update fiasco Jan 5. Reading some of the comments from my original post (thread locked now) some kinda of "snarky" ?? re: "foretelling the future" made by pmdg staff in my initial post. My point was simply that perhaps when the update was released, a notam would have been in order. Something like: *The new update is for 4.4 only. All other versions use at your own risk*. In hindsight, this would have alleviated the deluge of reported problems that were seen in the forums. If I remember correctly, this was acknowledged later. Could be useful with all future updates. Now that being out of the way, I applaud those who worked to fix the issues expeditiously. I love pmdg again and intend to support 100% with patronage in the years to come. Pablo
  4. Analog is "modern" to you? Nevertheless, in some aircraft I prefer analog.
  5. I appreciate that Kyle. In my case there are some outstanding issues that have been reported with the 4.4 update concerning with "other" developers. Some minor, some glaring. So I will just hold out until there are reasonable fixes. Until then, I'll wait to see how this particular problem is resolved with pmdg.
  6. But this aircraft has been around for decades. I think the condition of the worn out, weathered look, beautifully suites it. A pristine sterile look to me, makes it look unused. But Im with you on having a choice. Im sure someone will come along and make a mod eventually.
  7. Totally. Yet how a simple issue was missed is beyond me.
  8. Additionally, in the aircraft cfg, there isn't an entry for model or type. So the atc identifier refers the shrike as "EXPERIMENTAL" lol Carenado has recruited their paying supporters as beta testers. Sher genius. lol
  9. I am experienceing this as well. Timeline seems about right with regaurd to the PFPX update. Weird because the fp is physically in the propper folder. And the string is correct to. Sucks to manually input.....(thats what she said) Any solutions out there?
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