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  1. Well, I did a system restore and all is fair and well. Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I'll use them for my next PC build, whenever that might be
  2. Firstly, I'm upgrading my old CPU, not my laptop Second, I've figured my laptop is running everything slow... Tried to play GTA 5 a while ago and I was getting 3 fps as opposed to around 30-60 at very high settings. I'll have to look in to it. Wow, there must be something wrong with my laptop. Even writing is laggy. At the time, I was only using some World of AI, which normally runs well. To be specific, my laptop is the 2014 HP Omen. I've heard from a LinusTechTips video that the SLI 980M is right behind the desktop 970 in terms of performance. Again, FSX was barely using any CPU. Usually, the fans would speed up upon launching a game, but now they aren't.
  3. Well that's too bad... Guess I need to upgrade my old rig with a new graphics card, processor, and RAM.... Though I don't see why you are recommending the 970/980, since the people who make FSX Realism videos seem to do good with 560/660/Ti. I guess I'll settle with a 970. I am noticing that everything on my laptop is lagging, Google Chrome, YouTube, and the OS itself. P3D seems to support DX11, and I definitely fit all the recommended requirements for it... Might give it a try.
  4. So recently I have bought a laptop with a middle-class GPU and CPU, a GTX 860M 4 GB with i7-4710HQ at 3.5 GHz turbo. It seems that for other people, around a GTX 560 to 660 was enough to power some very intensive addons. Now maybe my CPU is my bottleneck, but I don't know if it should bottleneck to the point where I have to run on lowest settings just for 30.60 fps. Most of the time, I check for any CPU power consuming apps and close them before starting FSX, but now the performance is just outrageous. I start a flight with a freeware 777 (which was actually made for FS9) with all settings at max. I get extremely low fps, maybe 3, so I turn down every setting to the lowest for fun. I also change the aircraft to the default 737. 30-60 fps, still stupidly low for the current situation, in the middle of the desert at my local airport. In task manager, FSX is only using about 600 megabytes of RAM and around 10-20% of my CPU. Online, there are some pretty good reviews of FSX running on lower end mobile cards, and even some showing realism. But I'm also seeing that FSX only uses one core, while I have a quad core (which is picked up as 8 cores in some games). Still, I'm running the Steam Edition, and I really want answers, even the slightest of optimizations.
  5. themaster402

    777-9X merge?

    Thanks for replying, but I actually wanted the POSKY 777 virtual cockpit IN the SkySpirit. The jb777 panel modifies the virtual cockpit a bit and adds LNAV, VNAV, FMC, and much more to the plane. Plus, the Boeing 777-9X I got from here doesn't have a virtual cockpit. I found one compiled by ricardo_tv, but it has the virtual cockpit of an A310 (after all, the panel for that one is called Tom310) The 2D panel is working great, but not the virtual cockpit. I replaced the normal 777 Posky Utilities with the 777-9X Posky_Utilities (Hooray, wing folding). Basically, Boeing 777-9X exterior with POSKY 777 virtual cockpit and the jb777 panel
  6. themaster402

    777-9X merge?

    I am trying to merge the SkySpirit2013 777-9X outside model with the Posky 777 Virtual cockpit with the jb777 panel, but no matter what, it just doesn't seem to work. Basically, I am taking Posky's VC textures and panels, plus the jb777 panels, and putting them in my 777-9X folder. I applied fixes to the aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg and whatnot, but still no VC. Can anyone help?
  7. themaster402

    POSKY Archive Down?

    So, it seems the posky archive is down. What happened?
  8. I know I should be posting this somewhere else, but I know some folks here can help me. Hello all. I have recently bought the Wilco Airbus Evolution Vol. 2, in hopes of having an awesome A330+A340 and completing this A380 merge. I love the A330 and A340, but I have two problems (one will be discussed in another thread). After completing the merge and loading the aircraft, the MCDU's keyboard isn't appearing. What I mean is, when I go to Views>...>MCDU, the keyboard's silhouette flashes for a second, then just the MCDU screen appears.
  9. Thanks for the response Mike, I opened the FMC Nav/Rad page, but it just says FP Loaded at the bottom. I cannot input numbers on the screen.
  10. I want to do an ILS landing with my POSKY 777 with JB777 Panel, but I cannot find the course selector. Someone tell me where it is?
  11. I don't know if there is a place for FSUIPC here, so don't hate on me for the wrong section. On the Saitek X52, there is a slider on the throttle. FSUIPC 4.934 is registered in my FSX installation. I try assigning the slider to reverser (Axis Assignment>*Moves slider*>Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration>Reverser). It works, but when I slide the slider back, the throttle goes to maximum. Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. I have recently bought a Saitek X52. The variety of controls is amazing. One of the control wheels, what I call the E control wheel, is set to Elevator Trim. It makes it easier to set trim for takeoff, but when I set the autopilot and altitude hold, the plane continues to pitch up. I check on the elevator trim and it is stuck at 5 degrees. Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. themaster402

    787 Dangerously Pitches in Midair

    I fixed it. For future reference, the problem was the vertical speed. I held the vertical speed instead of the altitude, though the vertical speed hold kept me at 40000 ft
  14. I set up a flight plan from Narita to Heathrow in the 787-8, but the plane has to do a dangerous pitch to climb and maintain altitude. Right now, it is holding altitude but losing speed, even with throttle 100%.