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  1. Thanks for reading my mind and implementing the other items in the checklist page as well 馃榾 I tested them and all is good. I am not hearing the 'expectation' part of the checklist step once the " 'ChecklistManualCheck'路(>L:AAO_CHCEKLIST_CLICK_BUTTON,路String) " is sent. I am guessing this is due to the fact we are bypassing the checklist engine for sending the "Tick Item" command. This is not a bid deal and I can live with it. I am expecting others to use this functionality as well. Again, a big thank you Lorby!
  2. pls ignore my question. Found the answer in the latest AAO manual. A RTFM moment 馃檪
  3. Cool! Is it possible for me to have access to the prototype? Then I can have a play with it. Sometime ago I sent you the proof of purchase of AAO. If you can't find it pls let me know I will resend it. About the proper bridge module. I think you are talking about all singing all dancing full blown 馃檪 CheckList Bridge which will have more functionality than my requirement. I guess all depends on the demand for such a AAO CheckList Bridge and the amount of time you can spend on creating and supporting it.
  4. I think this will be useful in checklists to avoid multiple SPEAK events happening at the same time. This is my definition of the Macros: <Macro Name="FOSPEAK">VOICE:Microsoft Zira Desktop) (VOICERATE:0) (VOICEVOLUME:75) (SPEAK</Macro> <Macro Name="CPTSPEAK">VOICE:Microsoft David Desktop) (VOICERATE:1) (VOICEVOLUME:90) (SPEAK</Macro> This is my usage of the voice macros: [0](@CPTSPEAK:Flaps) 'SHOW_TOOLTIP|0|Before Engine Start CheckList - Flaps|1000|1' (>L:AAO_COHERENT_TRIGGER, String) [(L:LandFlapsPos, Number) 0 ==] (@FOSPEAK:Up) I guess if I define SPEAKBLK in this way, speak will be one operation at a time? <Macro Name="FOSPEAK">VOICE:Microsoft Zira Desktop) (VOICERATE:0) (VOICEVOLUME:75) (SPEAKBLK</Macro> <Macro Name="CPTSPEAK">VOICE:Microsoft David Desktop) (VOICERATE:1) (VOICEVOLUME:90) (SPEAKBLK</Macro>
  5. Hi, Thanks for looking into this and the suggestion. No, it didn't work. Like you said, there is not much information available on these coherent.triggers.
  6. I am looking for a SimVar or Sim event to bind a joystick button or a Midi button to trigger the "TICK ITEM" option in the InGame Checklists. Using the mouse to click this is bit cumbersome and tiring. Found this in the SDK. But no idea how to call these from AAO. My guess is this is possible as we can use "'SHOW_TOOLTIP|0|hello路there|1000|500'路(>L:AAO_COHERENT_TRIGGER,路String)" https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Programming_Tools/JavaScript/Coherent_Listeners/JS_LISTENER_CHECKLIST.htm Thanks.
  7. A silly question. With the AAO StreamDeck plugin, is it necessary to have a physical StreamDeck ? 馃榾
  8. I have been playing with displaying text on the sim with a checklist. This code has been tested with default Asobo Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This will display "set landing lights on" on the SIM screen plus with audio. Wait until the landing lights are on Say "landing lights are on" and clear the text box. Load default Asobo Cessna 172 Skyhawk and make sure landing lights are off Create a file in ..\Documents\LorbyAxisAndOhs Files\Scripts with extension .txt Scripting -> Run Script Files -> Select the file created above Tick "run selected as Checklist" Click "Run" Switch on the Landing Lights 'SHOW_TOOLTIP|0|set landing lights on|1000|1' (>L:AAO_COHERENT_TRIGGER, String) [0](SPEAK:Set landing lights on) [(A:LIGHT LANDING ON, Bool) 1 == ] (SPEAK: landing lights are on) 'HIDE_TOOLTIP|0' (>L:AAO_COHERENT_TRIGGER, String)
  9. This is cool! I can see using this feature in interactive checklists.
  10. Fair enough. My initial thoughts were the same. However, I have a separate 'Gaming' PC for the flight simulator and I don't use it for anything else. But, still I run firewall/anti-virus software on it. I have studied computer operating systems at the University and was surprised to read this user space process is allowed to read the memory locations used by another user space process. I am guessing this is possible because of the Mobiflight WASIM module ? Anyway, these are the two required LVars if anyone else wants to go on this path, but please read the comments from Lorby about possible security implications for running FenixQuartz. I am not implying the author of this program has any bad intentions. (L:FNX2PLD_speedV1, Number) (L:FNX2PLD_speedVR, Number) FenixQuartz exports these variables and AAO can read them and use in scripts. AAO rocks !
  11. I am in the process of writing a small callout script using Axis and Ohs for Fenix 320. The idea is I can concentrate on taking-off the plane and receive audible V1, V2 and Vr speeds. Unfortunately, Fenix A320 does not store these values in local variables we can use. This is the confirmation I received from Fenix Support. 1. However, this guy has found a way to extract these values among others from the memory. I am using FenixQuartz with AirManager Fenix A320 panels and it works. https://github.com/Fragtality/FenixQuartz https://github.com/Delta-Charlie-DEV/A320FENIX_AIRMANAGER 2. Author of this addon has used FenixQuartz with the paid version of Fsuipc to create a callout Mod (which is what I require). I can buy Fsuipc to run this callout mod, but I am trying to avoid to have run yet another program with MSFS2020. AirManager panel states it requires Fsuipc, but everything works without Fsuipc running. This was disclosed in their Discord. https://flightsim.to/file/39243/pmco-fnx32x-pilot-monitoring-callouts-for-the-fenix-a320-add-on I am wondering whether Axis and Ohs can have a functionality to extract these values and export them as Local variables Fenix does not store in variables. I am happy to test-drive any development code 馃檪 Thank you,
  12. Thanks for the above info. Will take a look at it and try to use in Axis and Ohs.
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