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  1. Thanks for the help Dave.
  2. Dave, I've been away for a couple of month's and am about to update my X-ATC Chatter program. I am a little confused about when I want to fly in Europe. What do I need to do to get X-ATC Chatter to work in Europe? Do I need to manually select which region I want to fly in to get X-ATC Chatter to work. Thanks for your help. Rodger
  3. C130FE

    Ignored by ATC

    Ok, will do. Thanks Dave.
  4. C130FE

    Ignored by ATC

    Dave, trying to send you the file, but for some reason it says that the security settings in my browser will not allow it. Can't figure why FireFox will not all me to send you the file.
  5. C130FE

    Ignored by ATC

    For some reason, everytime after landing, as soon as I clear the runway and make the call to tower that I am clear, there is no answer. I am never told to contact ground, when I do contact ground, I am ignored again. Ground will acknowledge my radio call, but give no direction such as, "taxi to the ramp". This has just started happening on my last 5-10 flights. I am at controlled airports so I'm not sure what is going on. Any suggestions?
  6. Dave, I read a couple of reviews on P2A in the PC Pilot magazine. Really glad the lady that did the original review decided to go back and give P2A a more comprehensive review. She got it right on her second review. I've had P2A for a month now and am really enjoying it. I've had PF3 and Radar Contact, but by far P2A is the best in my opinion. You've done a great job on this program and your support is outstanding. Thanks for a great program and glad your finally getting some recognition for the work your doing. Thanks again. Rodger
  7. C130FE

    ATC Repeating Itself

    Thanks Dave. Bill, that is pretty much exactly what I was experiencing.
  8. Was doing some touch and goes and after the 3rd or 4th touch and go, it was like they forgot about me. So I continued to do some touch and goes, then all of a sudden they kept clearing me to do touch and goes. Must have been about 5 or 6 consecutive calls clearing me for a touch and go. After that things went back to normal. Kind of odd. Also, when I clear the runway, I'm never told to contact ground. So I try and contact ground on my own, but no answer.
  9. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    Ok, thanks Dave. Guess I'll have to set up that 24" monitor and run it from there.
  10. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    Dave, I for some reason cannot download P2A to my android tablet and get it to open. However, I do have an older laptop with windows 7. I have downloaded P2A to it. Should I purchase P2A on this laptop or my desktop which I am using the 10 day trial. Sorry for the hassle. Once again thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Rodger
  11. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    Ok, thank you.
  12. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    No problem. Dave after I purchase P2A, do I just download it onto my tablet so I can use it during a flight. Not sure how that would work?
  13. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    Well, I just went out and bought a 34" monitor, got it set up and did my first flight with P2A and it worked perfectly. So now I'll be able to purchase P2A.. Thanks Dave for your help. Gonna really enjoy this.
  14. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    Dave, I'm finding that it is one or the other. I cannot get P2A to sit on top when in the triple screen mode. The screen will only show one or the other. Not like in the single screen mode. Don't understand why but I'll open up FSX, then bring up P2A . As I said before in the single screen mode it works as advertised. But as soon as I bring it to the triple screen mode P2A is minimized. If I bring up P2A, then FSX is minimized. Very frustrating as I want this program to work so badly. I guess maybe my only option would be to get a panoramic monitor and then I'm sure P2a would work. But I currently have a 60" panoramic view with the triple screen monitor. However, in order to be able to have P2A it would be a sacrifice I could make. One question Dave, if I went to say a 35" monitor, could I still use one of my 24" monitors for P2A? Thanks for your patience and help. Much appreciated. Rodger
  15. C130FE

    Problem with Trial Version

    Thanks Dave for the information. However, I am running a triple screen monitor. Don't know if that may be part of the problem or not. I'll go back and undo everything I did and give it another try. Ok, I believe it is because I'm using a triple screen monitor. In single screen mode, things work just as you say. However, when I switch to the triple screen mode, the screens are automatically in full screen. I go to windowed mode and do alt+tab FSX goes to the taskbar and will not reopen. As long as I'm in the single screen mode everything is fine. However, I have been flying for so long with triple screen monitors there is no way I can go back to a single screen. I hope and pray there is a workaround for this. This is the best ATC program I have found.