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  1. FSX-SE

    Ok, so here is my situation. I have FSX:SE on my D:. I found the FSX.CFG file on the C: in app data and FSX. I made the change. Then made the changes in Nvidia Inspector. Flew a short 35 minute flight and the closer I got to my destination the longer the stutters got. A couple lasted between 10 -15 seconds. Thought it was going to crash. Oh well, just didn't work on my system. So, I'll be going back to my previous settings. Appreciate the information though.
  2. FSX-SE

    David, I too am running FSX:SE, but when I go to open the the FSX.CFG file it is FSXSEConfig.exe. I cannot open it. I get the typical "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" I click yes and nothing happens. I cannot access the FSX:CFG file. That is the only .cfg I have. How can I make the change?
  3. This is a ridiculous question but I don't understand. So how are people taking videos of Chaseplane replay feature and posting them on YouTube? Are they using a different recording program?
  4. I recently made the transition from FSX boxed to FSX:SE and I can no longer take screen shots using also.
  5. Great to hear. That makes about 3 that I've heard of now. Good for you.
  6. I use LittleNavMap for my flight plans. There is an update coming out and states that a rebuild might be necessary. It states, "This release adds support for Navigraph updates and includes a full AIRAC cycle including procedures, airspaces, navaids and more. Reloading the scenery databases is recommended". Is there anything I need to know before I do another scenery rebuild?
  7. Thanks Stuart. You are correct in that the support forum for MCE is excellent. I did send David Herky a PM yesterday about his Voice Attack profile. Just waiting for a reply. Probably somewhere down the road I will give MCE another try. My computer skills is what is lacking here. Thanks again, Stuart. Rodger
  8. Hi Stuart, I tried MCE but didn't have much luck trying to get it to work. So I just gave up. Seems that there are only a couple of people who have figured it out. I've tried it with PF3 and RC4 and couldn't seem to get it to work properly. It's a great concept (if you can actually get it to work). I don't see many people on the MCE forum saying what a great product it is. You and David seem to be about the only people I can find that have gotten it to work. Guess I just don't know enough about computers to get most of this stuff to work. I don't know, maybe I'll go back to MCE later but for now Voice attack, while not perfect works for me. I just gotta figure out how to fine tune it. Rodger
  9. I found this in a post here on the forum. I tried using these commands in Voice attack but I think I set them up incorrectly for example, when approaching the destination airport, I would request weather, and I would get tower instead. Here are the commands I want to set up in Voice Attack. Would appreciate it if someone could give me an example as to how to set them up properly. Thanks for your help. Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+0 Select zero Main menu Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+1 Select one Acknowledge and contact Affirm Clearance delivery, ready to copy Choose landing mode Contact approach Contact clearance delivery Contact control Contact delivery Contact departure Contact (the) destination tower Contact ground Contact next control Contact tower Delivery ready to copy Direct to waypoint Next control Monitor tower Ready for departure Request taxi Request vectored approach Tune to the tower Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+2 Select two Abort take off Declare rejected takeoff Declare aborted takeoff Flight critique Get ATIS Get local ATIS information Get weather briefing Going missed Missed approach Reject take off Request departure runway Request push and start Request runway Request runway for departure Request to leave frequency for weather Request visual approach Request weather Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+3 Select three Contact ground for clearance End radar contact Get clearance Ground ready to copy Notam on course Request P D descent Request return to airport Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+4 Select four Clearance by F F S Declare emergency Request higher Request I A P approach Wind check Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+5 Select five Clearance en route Clearance in air Contact ground for push and start Field in sight Request landing runway Request lower Request runway for landing Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+6 Select six Unable to comply Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+7 Select seven Acknowledge Acknowledge hand off Acknowledge I F R clearance Cleared for take off Cleared to land Cleared to {WAYPOINT} as filed Copy {FLIGHTNUMBER} (e.g. "Copy 1123") Copy {AIRLINEATC} {FLIGHTNUMBER} (e.g. "Copy Speedbird 1123") Expect vectors runway {RUNWAY} Line up and wait Position and hold Read back clearance Ready to copy Taxi into position and hold Taxi to the ramp Taxi to and hold short of Traffic in sight Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+8 Select eight Previous menu Emits Keys CTRL+SHIFT+9 Select nine Select niner Next menu Emits CTRL+SHIFT+O Over to next controller Emits CTRL+SHIFT+P Display flight plan Emits CTRL+SHIFT+R Please repeat instruction Repeat instruction Repeat last instruction Emits CTRL+SHIFT+; Save radar contact Emits CTRL+SHIFT+L Set nav frequencies Emits CTRL+SHIFT+K Hand back communications Take over communications Emits CTRL+SHIFT+M Hand back plane Take over plane
  10. All of these things you said are true. It's a cool program. But, in the last month, I've spent 90% of my time trying to get it to work and 10% of my time flying. I want to fly. Not trouble shoot. I've finally found something that works. Not as good as MCE would be IF I could get it too work. But now I'm having a fun flying with ATC. No trouble shooting, just flying. Maybe sometime in the future I will try MCE again, but for now I'm satisfied with what I have. I appreciate the support I've gotten from you Gerald. Rodger
  11. Just started using RC4 and Voice Attack and absolutely enjoying it. That being said, I have about a handful of VFR flights in. I do my flight plans in Little Nav map. Everything goes well until I get within 10 -15 miles of the airport and so far every time I get a vector from anywhere from 90-120 degrees away from the airport. Then I'm totally forgotten. The only way to get back towards the airport is to request a visual approach. Obviously your not supposed to do that unless the field is in sight but that's the only way to get turned around towards the airport. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Google "Voice Attack"
  13. So I go and download the 2.1 version of the Cessna 337, replacing the orginal 337 I had and got it set up to for the GTN 750. When I go to fly it, the GTN 750 is a black screen. So I go back redownload and try it again. Installed the GTN 750 same thing. Here is where it really gets weird. I go to fly another one of my airplanes with the GTN750 and it is a black screen and will not work. So I start checking all of my airplanes with the GTN 750 and the are all the same blank screens. So I decided to go and uninstall the Carenado 337. Then all of my airplanes with the GTN 750 go back to working as advertised. Ok, what is going on?
  14. Problem solved
  15. Thanks Charlie130