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  1. C130FE

    VFR Scripts (Work in Progress)

    Thanks for all your work. Outstanding.
  2. C130FE

    Speech Assistant

    Just started working normally. Headset was working fine, just couldn't seem to get it to work with the headset. After the 3rd reboot it's working fine now. Thanks for the help.
  3. C130FE

    Speech Assistant

    Dave, I started up P2ATC and for some reason, the only way I can communicate with ATC is thru the speech assistant. Never had this problem before. Closed P2ATC and restarted, same thing. How can I get it back to normal? Thanks for the help. Rodger
  4. C130FE

    ATC Handoffs

    Hi Dave. We recently talked about handoffs between approach and tower. You said I needed to download the latest version of which I did. The first flight was flawless. Worked perfect. The last several flights I have been handed off to tower, however, after making initial contact, and getting directions on how to approach the runway, I am having trouble with getting clearance to land. I keep calling with no response. What I have found is that if I switch quickly from tower back to approach then back to tower, I usually get a response and clearance to land. But sometimes I get into a real mess and can't get out of the cycle of between being told to contact tower then being told to contact approach, where I just have to ignore ATC and land. I can send you my latest file if you like. I don't know if it's me and my response or what.
  5. Dave, I should've remembered to reboot after installing the voices. Yesterday when I set everything up to fly the voices worked perfect. Thanks. Rodger
  6. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated. Back to enjoying flying again.
  7. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    Your right. Been working on this for so long everything is confusing. I'm not a person that understands computers very well and can't articulate what I mean to say when it comes to computers. I'm to the point now where I'll just forget about screenshots. I enjoyed taking screenshots and posting them to the Orbx screenshot forum. I haven't been able to do that sense converting to FSX:SE about 6-8 months ago. So I'm to the point now that it is pointless to go on trying to fix the problem. I'm just going to drop the issue now and forget about it and enjoy flying. Thanks for the help everyone. Time to move on and get back to flying.
  8. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    CB_Pilot, I just looked at my screen resolution and then went to FSX:SE display settings. My windows screen resolution is set at 2560x1080 but 2560x1080 doesn't appear in FSX:SE display settings. I read that if those don't match a screen shot may not be possible. My queston is how do I get that resolution to show in FSX:SE display settings?
  9. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    I set everything up just as you said, but still I'm getting the "Unable to open screenshot file" message. Works fine in FSX:SE but still not working on my computer. I've been at this for several months and just cannot figure this out. Guess it just isn't going to work. Thanks for your help.
  10. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    Great I'll give that a try. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know how it goes. Appreciate your help.
  11. Thanks, that at least eliminates part of my problem.
  12. I just purchased a bundle of voices at Nextup. The Ivona voices sounded good on the website. I have installed the voices but can't seem to get them to work. They do appear in P2A and I have selected them. My question is do I need to use TextAloud4 in order to get them to work? I purchased a CereProc voice yesterday and it works perfectly, without any program to make it work. Don't understand why these voices won't work. Can anyone help me out please? Thanks, Rodger
  13. I just purchased "Megan" from CereProc and it's very good. Will purchase more later.
  14. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    Just read in an old thread about a guy who had the same exact issue except he was using the boxed Acceleration edition. Got the same message, "Unable to open screenshot file." Some said it was a memory issue, others said it was a SP1 or SP2 problem. I don't believe I have a memory issue, but I guess it is possible.
  15. C130FE

    Screenshot problem

    Not sure about the library properties. I configured it from the "settings" menu in Steam as to where to send the photo C:\Users\Username\Documents\FSX Photos. I thought that when I take a photo from steam that it would be sent to that folder. Obviously not. Seems as though it stays in Steam. Just don't understand why I can't use the "v" key. Ok, I just figured out where they are filed, but they are virtually worthless. 10kb or less. D:\ProgramFiles(x86)\steam\userdata\474538836\760\remote\314160\screenshots\thumbnails. I clicked on the "view" tab after opening Steam, then clicked on "screenshots" then clicked on "show on disk" tab.