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  1. Thank you, appreciate your help. Rodger
  2. Ticket sent. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Rodger
  3. I purchased FS2Crew 787 on the 20th and still haven't got a link to download. What happened to the world of "instant download"? What's going on? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rodger
  4. PGDE and lownslo, thanks for the tips. I did use DDU and then went to TechPowerup and did a clean install and all is well. Thanks for your help. Rodger
  5. Ok, thanks. I'll give that a try.
  6. Yep, I just found that out. The question is how do I apply the correct setting for each screen? I don't get it. Previously I could select the correct one and it would hold. All of a sudden P3D started doing some crazy things and I ended up having to delete the client.msi and reinstall it. It cleaned everything up except this monitor will not hold the correct resolution. I have a 43" samsung tv for a monitor. Was working well until now. 1920x1080 is blurry on this screen.
  7. Thanks to both of you for your help. Much appreciated.
  8. In the Display settings I have 2 Nvidia GeForce drivers. RTX 2060.0.0 and RTX 2060.0.1. I select the 2060.0.1 which gives me a resolution of 3840x2160x32, but for some reason it keeps reverting back to the 2060.0.0 giving me a max resolution of 1920x1080x32. I want to delete the 2060.0.0 as P3D keeps defaulting back to this driver. Before I could select the higher resolution with no problem, but for some reason I can no longer keep that selection when starting the flight. I have done a clean install of the latest driver, but still continue to see the old driver in P3D. Could someone please tell me what I need to do to delete this old driver? Thanks for your help. Rodger
  9. Update to the Update: Nothing seemed to work, not even closing and reopening Chaseplane. I finally deleted the P3D "client" and reinstalled it. Problem fixed.
  10. This is a very frustrating thing. I just purchased the Honeycomb yoke a few days ago. I am having flight control problems with all of my payware airplanes. Ailerons and elevator not working properly. I have spent countless hours of weeping and nashing of teeth trying to figure this out. I was assuming that the conflict was between Honeycomb, P3D, and or FSUIPC. Everytime I changed views from in the cockpit to outside the cockpit, the flight controls pretty much stopped working properly. For example, on the Carenado Phenom 300, when I would switch to the external view and look at the aircraft from the tail, the left aileron is up, right aileron down. When I move the aileron left, no alieron movement at all, but the left spoiler would extend, same thing when I go aileron right. However, I found after hours and hours of working through this problem, it appears that if I shutdown Chaseplane, then reopen it the problems "seem" to go away, and the flight controls work normally. Can someone please tell me if there is anything I can do to correct this problem? I'm still not totally convinced that this is the answer, but I'm pretty sure that there is a conflict somewhere between P3D and Chaseplane. Also, I would go ahead and fly. As long as I stayed in the cockpit for the most part the plane would fly normally. As soon as I went to an external view, the ailerons would cease working. Go back in the cockpit, for the most part, the flight controls started working again. Thanks for your help. A very frustrated flight simmer. Rodger Update: Problem still not solved. There is a conflict somewhere but I just can't figure it out. Now the flight controls only work from the external view. Going back inside the cockpit flight controls are inoperative.
  11. An update to the problem. After hours and hours of weeping and nashing of teeth I believe I have found a conflict with chaseplane. Chaseplane opens when I open P3D. I have found that if I close chaseplane and reopen it all seems to be well with all of my payware airplane flight controls. Would never have suspected this but this seems to work.
  12. Will do, thanks for the help. Appreciate it. Rodger Just wanted to say that I don't know if it makes any difference but I always start with the F-35 at Eglin AFB then select what airplane I want to fly. Just opened up P3D with the L-M AC11 and everything is working perfectly. Now if I can get it to work with my add on airplanes.
  13. Thanks. Appreciate your help.
  14. Some is but a lot is in P3D. I have an external hard drive that I have put P3D on. I have Orbx scenery on my internal hard drive but running out of space so I started putting it in P3D on the external hard drive. Probably not a good idea to put it in P3D. Is there any way I can migrate all of my Orbx scenery into one folder on my external hard drive and put it all in one folder without causing a nightmare?
  15. Avidean, Thanks for the info. Got a feeling I'm going to need to do what you have suggested. I have a boat load of Orbx scenery. Not quite sure how to reactivate it. Will I need to reinstall it? Could you please give me a little more detail? Thanks again for your help. Rodger
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