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  1. Thank you for your excellent support. Things like this can happen; the way you deal with it you're setting an example for other devs to follow. Keep it up!
  2. WIth the most recent update (2.5.22), I experience a CTD whenever I'm trying to switch from one aircraft to another, if the second one also makes use of the RXP GTN device. Switching to an aircraft without RXP (e. g. default C172) does work without CTD. On the aircraft loaded first, the RXP GTN can be used without issues. Complete removal and clean reinstallation (also of the Garmin software) did not solve the issue. The complete log file is available here: https://pastebin.com/Kn5ArMnC NB: When doing the same with Traffic Global not enabled, the final message of the log file is {This application has crashed because of the plugin: RealityXP.GTN}
  3. Well, put it like that - how long did P3D users have to wait after v4 release for PMDG updates? XP11 was released two months before P3D v4, and until now, PMDG couldn't even make up their mind whether they will offer an upgrade or not, where in the meantime they managed to update their P3D products to v4, release the QoSII and announce the 748. Tell you what, even if they ever come up with an upgrade offer, I won't buy it - it just sucks being a customer of a company rating you as a second class customer. In cases where this happens to me, I use to abstain from any further business with such a company, and PMDG is right now doing it.
  4. The current XP11 beta is actually not that bad in terms of resource need - if you compare a bare XP10 with a bare XP11 and apply the same rendering settings, XP11 will deliver about the same FPS as XP10 (at least it does on my box). By experience from the XP9 to XP10 cut-over, there was a period of approx. 2 years at the end of which most users had finally switched to the new version. There are various models among different commercial developers out there how to deal with it - most common by now seems to be: provide a patch to enable XP10 models to run in XP11 with the same functionality as in XP10 (most of them only need minor fixes for that), and pack a (paid) upgrade opening up new features offered by XP11 (PBR, dynamic reflections etc.) It depends - pick a MisterX6 scenery, max out rendering settings, populate the area around with nice Ortho4XP mesh and texture, set a lot of AI traffic and see what it does to your system load
  5. Alongside with the two plugins mentioned by Tom, there is another freeware plugin including pushback functionality: Ground Services by Joan.
  6. The maximum range of this DC-6 is about 2,000 NM (no payload, full tanks, not too much headwind, only small reserve). CYQX - EINN is not a problem even with payload. JFK - LHR (>3,000NM) is too far even in ferry mode. Here's a rough approximation for estimating what's in and what not: In cruise, each engine burns ~625lbs / hour => ~2,500 lbs total fuel burn per hour. Your tank volume is 20,000 lbs (technically a tiny bit less, but...). So that would allow ~8 hours of cruise, but of course you will need to subtract fuel for taxiing, takeoff and climb phase (and a reserve of course). For a rough estimation, knock off two hours from cruise (climbing to FL200 will take you around 50mins, but only get you as far as ~120NM. Plus you're running @climb power, consuming more fuel than in cruise) => 6 hours x 270 NM (TAS @FL200) = 1,620 NM plus 100NM climb + 100 NM descend => ~1,800NM under normal conditions, maybe +100NM depending on payload and another +100NM depending on wind. EDIT: The longest flight I did so far was PHX-BOS (a bit more than 2,000NM), but I had to do an intermediate stop at TOL; otherwise I would have arrived completely dry (~1,000lbs short of fuel for that, but I had a headwind, so...)
  7. Unfortunately, most of them have some important shortfalls. While some even manage to produce a quite realistic behaviour of the water on your windshield (e. g. IXEG), they all depend on the limited capacity of the weather engine in X-Plane. That being said, how immersive can it be to have perfectly animated rain on your windshield, while you're flying just above the overcast, blinded by the sunlight? Unfortunately something none of the addons can cure; it's linked to the limits in X-Plane's weather engine itself. If one day Laminar miracously finds a way around this (i. e. create datarefs that precisely tell you whether you're in "plausibly wet" condition or not (including precise positioning relative to clouds etc.), then it certainly becomes time for reopening this debate.
  8. I cannot speak for PMDG, but since they put any effort into modelling one specific aircraft (V5-NCG if I'm not much mistaken) including mislabellings etc. as they occur in the real thing, I can hardly imagine they will just derive from that now.
  9. Seems this was recorded at FASK (South Africa)
  10. Airlinerperformance.net offers instructions including screenshots: http://airlinerperformance.net/installation/ Just treat the file provided by PMDG the same way.
  11. KPHX for me - there's a nice free scenery available by MisterX6, and it's not too far to KLAX or KSFO (both also with very nice free sceneries).
  12. Hm, maybe it was my browser cache then, but when I checked ~1hr ago I only got FSX and P3D in the Products drop down menu...
  13. Product page is now up: http://precisionmanuals.com/pages/product/XP/dc6.html
  14. I think that's the point Kyle and other were making, wasn't it? Flying a vintage will teach you that the hard way, forcing you to learn good airmanship habits and skills, else you crash (or less dramatic, simply won't enjoy flying this bird). Having the autopilot do your job once above minimum engagement altitude is not an available option, so... For sake of honesty, I have however to admit that I didn't find access to acquiring those skills just by sim-flying; it all changed when I started flying in RL (no airliners though, just a tiny SF25)...
  15. Here's a video about restoration of the bird they ferried from Africa. I think all that would probably have cost significantly more than the 1.2 million purchase price you mention...
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