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  1. trainut123

    cessna 172 g 1000 garnin

    can anyone point me to a cessna172 for pd3=v4 would prefer the g 1000 garmin model also will the download go straight into my fxt I have added airports and scenary but never aircraft
  2. trainut123

    addon aircraft

    rimshot not to clever with files i try to not alter to much ,as i some times get in a fix my system is running great right now fsx and pd3v4 although i find a difference between all my orbx stuff for eg,. trees by orbx great in fsx not so good in pd3v4,
  3. trainut123

    addon aircraft

    j sorry mate never done it before , it was how to do it was my question. i was looking for the g1000 model its the installation that gets me after i downlod what i want were do i install it to pd3v4
  4. trainut123

    addon aircraft

    i want to add a cessna 172p to my aircraft menu in pd3v4 what is the correct way to do it free or payware i dont mind which dave
  5. trainut123

    P3D v4 Won't Start

    can anyone give me a clue how to start..... pd3v4 gets as far as 1st srcreen no menue just black prepar3d.....ftx opens but will not uninstall just closes program. i have sent log to orbx but as yet no reply. need to uninstaal and redo the lot but how i am stuck
  6. trainut123

    P3D v4 Won't Start

    i have same problem pdsv4 i only have orbx addons which were working perfect system loading in good time added 2 free addons and bump gets as far as data once 100% but then hangs, uninstalled the two addons still no joy any ideas kicking about dave
  7. trainut123

    Loding Times

    i have just started with pd3v4 i had the same ploblem used to get stuck at 6 % i found at first it was my vpn server but only happened when connected to belfast . i reloaded it on a new drive hdd now from hitting start i can be on in under 1 min hdd are cheap now worth a try but i must ad i run at 4.4 gb
  8. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    ok nick got it sorted now spent a good bit of time with it , I added it to a new hdd and it came good. trees from orbx all good well worth the small cost. all my other orbx stuff added with ftx so easy now I am playing with settings so many, fps very good. I even lowered my cpu to 4.4 don't seem to make a lot of difference from the 4.7 I had it running at. I had 16gb of 3000 memory in have since changed it to 32gb@2666 I don't no why but seems very smooth at the lower rate.anyway thanksand get the trees looks real over uk. I bet something will crop up to upset my system so many settings to fiddle with LOL all best dave
  9. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    nick tried that all slides were on min. now i altered them a small amount, not a great deal select my small plane all my controls are now fine thanks to you, yet now i have another issue on loading terrain data just before flight i cannot get above 6%, so i returned all sliders back to the left tried again still 6% then black screen . my install was fine activate all checked out ok with prepar i have even lowered my overclock to 4.4 nothing seems to get me over the 6% i have also switched my vip on and off , any suggestions ie should i re-install ???? would it help . my fsx and x plane still works fine dave
  10. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    ill try that nick thanks
  11. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    nick done it i was doing it wrong. you may be able to give me a clue on this my ftx as installed orbx global and orbx trees now, i can see global in the list but no trees. do i have to activate them someway. i did a flight today the scenary was quite flat and poor , so i need to include some not sure how still looking, my frame rates were very high so i no its not there yet ,, fr average 164 normal on my fsx 40 dave
  12. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    thanks mate ill keep trying
  13. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    nick thanks / i have my plane on the runway go to options no axis there then i go to controls now which is it dave
  14. trainut123

    warthog throttle probs

    just sorting out my settings in pd3v4 I got yesterday. got most of settings down handpat, but having difficulty with throttle . in settings you have a number of options, decrease increase full etc etc can anyone give me a clue how I get it set up dave
  15. trainut123

    Can't contain my feelings for Prepa3dv4

    well chaps read all your comments took the plunge this morning, still wadding through it what i see is great , cant quite get controls figered but ill keep trying when i can get sorted ill add all my orbx stuff, even with all sliders at bare min looks better than my old fsx dave