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  1. any plans to develop a central hub (application manager)? so all FS2CREW addons can be updated by one click most developers are seeming to go this way PMDG, aerosoft, VFX, REX to name a few and it makes the whole update process faster without having to check each product. plus it's safer to have products up to date, I hope this can be considered in the future. thanks for your time
  2. My app closed now I can't seem to find an active frequency snf can I restart my flight mid flight
  3. OK I will keep this brief So I have 737 Airbus 777 747 raas by fs2crew and a few more. my problem is I had RAAS on the p3dv4, I moved pc over to new one. on my old pc raas works on P3DV4 and on the new install it won't install on p3dv4 only v3? so my question is how did I have the raas working am 99.9% sure I purchased the V4 version but can't find it in my account on fs2crew any light on this would be good
  4. still, the best ATC by a mile shame RC5 will never be
  5. To respond to all the above. Its been a bad couple of weeks for me, this was another issue I never needed when I just wanted to relax. After a day of hell, if I would have noticed the download before maybe, I could have avoided the embarrassment of this post. I would like to apologise to @scandinavian13 for my utter childish outburst along with PMDG and the Community After the reinstall, the aircraft all handle and function, as well as PMDG, designed them too. once again sorry for my outburst, a mistaken but delighted customer
  6. Yes I was under the impression the updates have gone through as no warnings said failed just complete yes, I retract my claim I was annoyed and confused.. I use PFPX for fuel and payload I then add this to the aircraft through the FMC then I set the rest up. I will reinstall and see if the problem is still happening and report back. sorry again I appreciate your help, I really do.
  7. well I just went on the Operations center and there are 4 updates one for each aircraft I press install and the please wait box comes up the window opens and the file is installed job done but then I reopen the OC and the same updates are showing and my versions are still old installed as admin run as admin ****************************** I apologise for my tone I love PMDG and that makes it even more frustrating that the Airbus is working and the PMDGs are doing this no matter what I do I even followed a youtube tutorial to the letter same airport fuel load etc, he took off claimed to 1000 ft pressed the AP CLIMBED AT 15 and turned right I press AP I get 45 degrees nose up full power 300plus at 1500 feet full right turn stall again am sorry but this was an annoyance now it is just frustrating the life outta me sorry
  8. I've never had the problem before normally the aircraft will climb at a steady rate the aircraft is just launching off the runway as soon as i press autopilot if I fly the flight by hand I keep it smooth press autopilot and it turns into the space shuttle, also I set the alt restrictions on leaving the runway to 2000 4000 6000 8000 15000 29000 soon as the autopilot was engaged it went to 4000 in about 6 seconds had 8nm to go at 15000 it went to 29000 in seconds not even a min and had 188nm before the restriction. the plane used to arrive at the restrictions not get to them early... funny thing is the Airbus is fine climes like a dream PMDG flys like a bag of word not allowed that's the whole lot the 737 777 and the 747 so am guessing something has changed in an update because even fully loaded the stupid thing is pitching up to 45 and stalling empty it just might as well be a catapult. PMDG was my fav but defo not the same judging by my old videos am not doing anything different
  9. I have set up the 737 AND THE 777 as I have done for many of flight I took a break from simming so I might be missing something but I select lnav and vnav and the autopilot normally it climes around 1800 to 2200 quite smooth lately, it's climbing at 6000 plus anyone knows what's wrong or what am doing that am forgetting as far as I can see the FMC is filled in normal using pfpx export all other items are filled in temp wind weights speeds etc Wayne Runner
  10. Problem solved if anyone else has this its caused by ActiveSky waiting for a fix from HIFI
  11. My va is USA based and am UK A 1340 fight would be totally dark for me as the night of night time My question is what the hell is causing that is it because being in the UK and the game is taking the 7 to 11 hours in time difference. is there a workaround this (Id really like to see the scenery) and it's annoying.
  12. Hi, I use fs2crew on the ngx and as the Majestic has always been that aircraft I struggle with, I thought id buy the FS2CREW make things a little easier. so when I was learning the NGX I used to let the FO do all the switches at the start to start her up without something going wrong. and I used to watch the switches to learn them. but when I try to let fs2crew help me it seems too do not a lot I use the button version, I don't know if the instal is broke or its just designed to do not a lot but it feels like the FO is sat playing candy crush while I am struggling to work out where or what does what any help would be great
  13. so I started the 777 and pressed the PFEVENTS button only to hear let's start setting up and the FO pressed nothing 45 mins later the aircraft is still dark and ideas normally its about 5 mins before the 777 turns on?
  14. You ever figure this out I have the same issue
  15. so when I go to the sim on the engines I get these odd strips or chunks of silver that when painted over are dull and none shiny none reflective the two you see are outboard strip near the back inner top of the engine block another side outer is fine inner looks like a bee anyone knows what they are or how to remove will not show in PS only in sim as setup [fltsim.8] title=PMDG 747-400F TNA sim=B747-400F_RR model=RR panel= sound=RR texture=TNACRR atc_airline=PMDG atc_id=TNA atc_flight_number=5329 atc_model=747-400F atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP atc_type=BOEING ui_createdby=TNA ui_manufacturer=Boeing ui_type=747-400F V3 ui_typerole=747-400F V3 ui_variation=TNA CARGO description=Boeing 747-400F powered by Rolls-Royce RB211-524G engines.\nPMDG Simulations\nwww.precisionmanuals.com \n\nProduced under license from Boeing Management Company.\n\nBoeing 747, 747-400, 747-8 & Boeing are among the trademarks owned by Boeing. visual_damage=0 PMDG_Version=1 // **DO NOT EDIT THIS LINE - PMDG OPERATIONS CENTER USE ONLY** [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\PMDG 747-400\texture.vc fallback.2=..\..\PMDG 747-400\texture.vccommon fallback.3=..\texture.common400F fallback.4=..\..\PMDG 747-400\texture.common400RR fallback.5=..\..\PMDG 747-400\texture.common400 fallback.6=..\..\..\..\texture
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