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  1. Thanks that was a good read. I'm pushing for max eye candy and 4k. Looks like nothing to be done to my machine to increase performance but to upgrade the GPU. Crazy that my 2080 Super isn't enough. Even the mighty 3090 is barely adequate.
  2. Also finally retired my CHPro's. Really enjoying the Thrustmaster TPR Pedals now. Expensive but very nice and is recognized by MSFS correctly.
  3. I'm excited to try out VR in this sim. It is such a different experience that I think most would really enjoy giving it a try. I have a rather old HTC Vive and certainly have found it to be quite a bit of fun. It is useful for more than just sims and the kids love it. A newer gen headset is not currently in my budget but I will upgrade at some point as these things have got a lot better over the last few years. No doubt a VR setup is expensive and some will not find it comfortable for long periods of time. My advice is to try one out if possible before making the investment in the equipment. Quick flights for city tours and aerobatics is what I'm looking forward to. Long IFR flights, not so much. Eventually I think VR and mixed reality will be the ticket but it isn't a very mature tech yet. The headsets and graphics power needed to drive them still have a ways to go for a comfortable no compromise experience. For the budget conscious I would not invest at this point you need to spend a lot for an enjoyable setup. In addition, some people have a hard time adapting to VR. Your brain needs to work with it and that can be impossible for some. Motion sickness and head aches are not experience enhancing. For me, I'm in and can't wait to try this sim in VR and I look forward to better hardware in the future.
  4. Thanks for the link, I was wondering where to find it. Love CRQ and the default airport is not an enjoyable experience. I'll give this a try.
  5. Seems like doubling the price from Standard to Premium is a little excessive. I'll buy Premium though.
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