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  1. I wonder if it would be worth trying to move more load to your GPU? Seems counter productive but if you bumped up the resolution you might take some of the pressure off the CPU and the main thread in order to reduce stutters.
  2. CRQ is my home airport IRL so I'm very happy this is out. For my flight sim sessions its my most often used departure airport. Its like my Meigs Field from the old FS 98 days. : ) Thank you Dreamflight!
  3. Also there is a wall and fuel farm between the Atlantic ramp and the airline ramp that are missing. Minor issues though.
  4. Purchased, so far looks very nice. Finally a good CRQ!
  5. Screenshots look excellent. Will have to give it a go when I get a chance.
  6. I very much would like a good KCRQ. Will buy! KSNA would be nice too.
  7. I went to 4k with a 2080 Super and while it was flyable I was left really wanting more performance. I also want to keep settings as high as possible. I mean what is the point in trying to run 4k but having to give up eye candy? So I finally got a 3080 Ti, that and the last few sim updates and I am happy with 4k performance. No doubt there is a lot of subjectiveness to all this but in my opinion, don't spend on 4k equipment until you are ready to go all the way.
  8. I would agree that the 3080 is probably a sweet spot for performance/price and running MSFS at 4K. However, anything you can get at MSRP is a good deal at this point. I was in the EVGA queue for a 3080 and a 3080Ti. The 3080 basically didn't move but the Ti's did. So that's what I ended up with. More money, more memory, more cuda cores and more Tensor cores. Most of all though, obtainable. So it was an easy choice.
  9. Benchmarking at the lower resolution pushes the CPU and not the GPU. Higher res would show you GPU performance. This is a CPU we are looking at.
  10. Ok, now since the update is stuck, I'm off to watch some Brit Box. Finished watching every Red Dwarf episode so Are You Being Served next? : )
  11. Mine is also frozen at 1%. Maybe crashed the servers or something?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I finally got a flight off with no CTD's. My first step was to delete everything from the community folder including the FBW A320. Then I followed the additional clean install steps at https://docs.flybywiresim.com/start/installation/ . I used the same idea to also delete other prior aircraft and mods in the "packages" directory. Then I loaded FS up to see if I broke anything. Made a stock 747 flight out of LAX no issues. Shut down FS and used flybywires installer to install the latest dev build. Loaded back up FS and selected FBW A320...CTD. Reloaded FS. Now FBW A320 was in default selection. Loaded up a flight out of KSAN. It took a long time to load. I took this as a good thing, something was working like on a fresh install first load of a new aircraft. Flew to KSNA no issues!
  13. I also get CTD with the FBW A320. No issues prior to the sim update. I've removed everything else from my community folder, deleted the fbw directory and reinstalled via the installer (dev version.) Still CTD. Have not tried the new version with updated textures yet, will have to try it. It's killing me not being able to fly the bus!
  14. After many years I finally replaced my CH Pro pedals. I went for the Thrustmaster TPR Pedals. Very expensive ($500 range?) but wow, so nice. I don't care about yokes (am a pilot IRL) a good stick is just fine but pedals that feel right...so nice. The yoke thing, really fun rides have sticks. Really complex big birds, doesn't matter it's a big bus. As a training tool, flying isn't hard it's the mental work that needs practice. A yoke is of little value. That said, personal preference get what you like.
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