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  1. Someone has a clue about this issue, i have the same problem and its really anyoing that i cant look around otherwised i am centered back by EZCA
  2. Strange, Maybe you need to rename the pistion airplane Checklist, Otherwise you didn't correctly installed this file. Mine is working fine
  3. Hi Peeps I have created an PHENOM 300 Normal Checklist for the GTN750 and i wanted to share it with you guys! It is just a normal checklist so no emergency checklists are included because i have seen the real Phenom Emergency checklists and they are hard to intergrate in the GTN750 (the options that they give in the orginal Garmin software). But the package include: 1, the checklist file 2, README Installation and other important info is written down in the README LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/download/pbtmqlzc9r3k74y/Embrear_Phenom_300_GTN750_Checklist.rar I wish you guys a CHECKED Safe flight!
  4. Yes i like to fly in these aircrafts. And while flying with them i am able to messing arround with some charts for example and picking up some new experiences in the GTN 750. I recently bought the Phenom 300 (With G1000) And the new CJ2 (Crappy fms) . But i am missing the real deal, for example G1000 doesn't work always 100% and the GTN 750 gives me a sign that it will be. So i think i am convinced what to do! And you only live once, so why not. But i have one question left if i bought it. Where is the GTN 750 Phenom 300 mod hihi? (CJ2 I already found) And Bert thanks for all the information you provide me already in this small amount of time!
  5. Thanks! And 1 last question for you (because i see your name everywhere on the forum with good advice) Is GTN 750 worth it if you mostly fly Private Jets? Like the CJ2 or Phenom etc..
  6. So conclusion is that we must wait until flight 1 has released another AIRAIC? And if you dont want to wait you can buy an expensive subscription.
  7. And does the GARMIN 750 GTN also has Charts avaible for europe?
  8. Does upgrading the database for the GTN 750 cost alot? Like i heard rumors you need to haver a 10$ subscription etc...
  9. I have this same issue but than with P3D V3, and there is not an Runway.csv in my root.....
  10. Hi Peeps, I am new to Bizjets (So a newb) bit everything works fine but i am not able to change to format. Is there an special keybind for? Thanks
  11. I don't get the second monitor to work... its stay's black unfortunately? Any idea?
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