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  1. Controls are fixed now. As for running as the admin, I guess that's my only option. Thanks anyway
  2. Haven't tried any of that yet, but I just came across another problem; when I run under admin, none of my controls are saved.
  3. Alright, so I'm having a problem with the Captain Sim 737-200. For some reason it will NOT work when I run FSX normally. As soon as I choose the plane in the menu, FSX crashes. However, when I run FSX as the Admin, everything works perfectly. Is there a way to make it run properly without having to run it as the Admin every single time? I'd rather not do that, seeing as my Saitek Control panel doesn't work under the admin for some reason. Thanks.
  4. I was considering that. I suppose I will. Any good improvements over the boxed version?
  5. Anyone know of any good payware aircraft available for FSX SP1? Service pack 2 won't download for me because I "need the English version of FSX" which is obviously ridiculous seeing as I bought this boxed version of FSX in 2006. Only happens on my new Windows 7 computer, and I have tried fixing the registry. Anyway, right now I'm limited to freeware, but I'm just curious if there are any good payware aircraft that don't require service pack 2, or at least work without it - preferably airliners. Thanks!
  6. Alright, so I realized I started the brother of this topic in the wrong section, so I'm just starting a new one here. Basically, I want to know how to develop a virtual cockpit in blender from the ground up. I know how to model and have already begun doing so, I just don't know how to a.) develop gauges, b.) animate control surfaces (throttles, yoke, switches, etc.), and c.) port it over into FSX. Could anyone help me? At the moment I'm attempting a 737-200 VC - Here's where I am at the moment, obviously nowhere near finished - but still a start nonetheless:
  7. Hi! There's a freeware Euro Atlantic 777 by POSKY and ricardo_tv I downloaded a while ago, and I noticed how amazing the landing lights/taxi lights are. I mean, they look like they belong on a payware aircraft! Is there someway I can use this lighting for other aircraft as well? The default ones on some planes look awful, and are a bit dark. If that's not possible, is there a way to brighten the default lights at least? Thanks ~topgearuk98
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