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  1. Great work Alexandre with amazing clouds effects and your tweak link works fine. Thanks RS
  2. Three files need to be checked when you have issues installing an ORBX-FTX scenery: 1- The file [scenery.cfg] path C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 2- The file [add-ons.cfg] path C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 3- The file [add-ons.cfg] path C:\...\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 It's important to understand that these 3 files register the sceneries to be activated in different ways with P3D. Usually, only one of the [add-ons.cfg] files should be used for each autodiscovery add-on.xml scenery. As you specify that P3D will ask you to activate ECNN scenery when it is launched, there's a strong probability that an entry for this scenery is already in your scenery.cfg file. On the other hand, if it does appear in this file, it means that your ECNN scenery has been installed at some point in P3D installation directory.
  3. Starting 2017 with all my addon sceneries including many of my aircraft add-ons and even special add-ons as Active Sky or FSUIPC are installed on disks outside C:\ Indeed, in a "clean" installation, this [C:\] disk or partition must be dedicated as much as possible to the Windows operating system or other. For example, my full ORBX library is installed on its own SSD disk. This global add-ons installation is managed by an Xml add-on process orchestrated by Oliver's awesome free Lorby Prepar3D Addon Organizer Lorby Prepar3D A. O. valid from P3Dv3.3 to P3Dv5.4 and prototype for P3V6.x. Of course, mastering LORBY A.O. wasn't easy at first, but today when I see the result achieved on P3DV5.4: wow! I do now realize why the target of L.M. P3D was to manage add-ons according to the Lorby A.O. method. RS
  4. For me too, the most important quality of a simulator is the flight model of its aircraft and rotorcraft. With P3D I've never been disappointed. Its latest version, P3DV5.4, is very mature, and with it I can enjoy a huge number of aircraft and rotorcraft with VFR or IFR flight qualities that I can't find on other simulators or... Xbox games. However, I'll stop at this version 5.4, as I've unfortunately learned that my great Lorby SI FireFighterX addon is definitively incompatible with P3Dv6.
  5. Hi, P3Dv5.4 JetBlue livery Aerosoft A321 PW neo MOD JetBlue livery No issue with jet engine transparency in or out of clouds (here with Active Sky weather): Cloudless sky : Cloud crossing : Cloud exit : But what is your livery? The only jetblue livery supplied with the Neo Mod pack is for the [Aerosoft A321 NEO PW Professional] Texture.JBNEO Information for P3Dv4 users: They need this dedicated pack neo MOD: [Aerosoft_A320-21_NEO_PACKv1.1]-P3DV4].zip] RS
  6. Hello Oliver, Thank you very much for these very clear and complete explanations. Best regards
  7. Hi, P4AO is a great tool that I don't yet fully master. That's why I would like to have a clarification on the process of setting an xml addon for a scene: When the path is indicated, we usually point to the folder that contains the scenery folder. But sometimes a texture folder is present in conjunction with the scenery folder. Could you tell me if this texture folder and its contents are well taken into account by P4AO addon xml or should it be set in Other addon/ add component # Texture? Sorry if my request is not very clear. Thanks Reccio
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