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  1. Hi Perry, FlightControlReplay actually records the animated parts on the aircraft, and you can even see it in our official trailer produced by AviationLads at 1:17 on youtube here : https://youtu.be/ZbYVbm3UKd8?t=77 This team and many other youtubers,streamers, simmers, have been using the tool for months or years already and they get here the most advanced and rich features product for recording and replaying flights. And yes, it supports also automatic change camera during Replay, that can be set on a specific frame of your choice. At this moment, FCR will trigger the keyboard shortcut (that you can also customize) : without needing your intervention, FCR will switch to any default camera of the simulator (only your custom camera positions are not supported, all other default views are available for Change Camera feature of FCR). I hope that gives you more information.
  2. I have to correct your sentence. With "Other payware at Simmarket" YOU CAN LEAVE REAL TIME TRAFFIC ! and fly with ALL AI OBJECTS TO MAX , if you check "Load Replay without initial situation" that it means load a replay in the DUMMY way of all other replay tool ๐Ÿ˜„ If you want instead RESTORE COMPLETE FLIGHT SITUATION (of the recorded flight) you need uncheck "Load Replay without initial situation" and put AI OFFLINE and G.A slider and Airline slider to 0 (I want tell you that i m the only pioneer that leave the choose to User ๐Ÿ˜„) . In the SIMUPDATE ASOBO told me that fixed a bug in MSFS . Asobo has my Software at Home to test it with internal build (stay tuned) For avoid misunderstanding there are online 2 excellent tutorial:
  3. You should uncheck this because if you donโ€™t find the file in your preferred directory it means you donโ€™t have the admin rights and for this I advice you uncheck this option and choose the file name directly when you click record
  4. @Andreas Stangenes Hi! Please UNCHECK the "Choose ...." option in FCR Options and you ll be able to have your file dialog for select filename that you prefer F
  5. Hi! Here you have TUTORIAL from Cinematics that it show you all *FlightControlReplay v4.5 MARCH UPDATE features* and how use these AND HERE SHOWCASE CINEMATICS :
  6. Hey !! Now is online the March Update version ! But in the next week will be a new version with some other things unannounced (and some bug fix)
  7. Yea guys I confirm I made adjustment in my last build March Update (that you already have in the hands) ! I implemented a particular algorithm for satisfy openxr engine . In next weeks more on VR topics ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. Hi Maurice ! I cannot share info about complete VR feature , today !! For sure with this build you can assign a key mapping and use in a brilliant way in WMR and steam ...Stay tuned for more ! In future there will be a lot of things to come ! for Aerofly fs2 is a big job but stay tuned for fcr v5
  9. Yes Enabling this FlightControlReplay option you can achieve AI REALTIME traffic ! I dont put as Default Option because i hope soon ASOBO and MS fix this behaviour in MSFS engine . My referent in Microsoft told me with next SimUpdate ... we' ll see ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. if you want you can also create a flight formation and follow these with your user plane. Using also 2 instance of Flightcontrolreplay ! More on that in the tutorial video you can watch starting today
  11. You can do the same thing with FlightControlReplay checking the fcr option โ€œload replay without load initial situationโ€ in that way you can load flight recorded and play with plane at your choice !
  12. Hi!! For a) , in the patch i think this issue is resolved , i tested bouncing on the runway and i see that . But anyway improvments will be made in next updates b) UI revamp will be in the v5 ๐Ÿ˜‰ , that will be free for all customers as my policy is clear , buy once and you ll have lifetime updates (also major) Thank you so much for your help and for help of all comunity ! FlightControlReplay grow up with the comunity feedback .... And i hope to bring a lot of "game changing feature" in the near future Thanks
  13. CTD are not FCR issue , but are MSFS issues on Simconnect FlightLoad API . If you use FCR option for load directly onthefly the recorded file you ll never get CTD. Anyway good luck with freeware ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today will go out a complete VIDEO tutorial HOW YOU CAN OBTAIN THE BEST EXPERIENCE WITH FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY . WIll contains advices and features roundup!
  14. I m developer of FlightControlReplay. I want remember all that FlightControlReplay is a product that is in market since 2010 and is compatible with FSX P3D ESP and MSFS. This is a results of years of fine tuning . The smoothness of his replay is a real thing . It include Replay , InstantReplay , PLAY AS AI feature, Video Render feature, Joy and hardware compatibility, adjustment on FPS (you can record at 10 FPS per second and with FCR option FPS target you can achieve until 120 FPS with smooth replay) and soon will introduce a lot of new features that no one in the market has. Ailerons and rudder smooth is fixed in the last build will go online soon . For have a great smooth video please use Automatic mode or make test with your preferred FPS . As you can see around the web the results are wonderful. see this tutorial thanks
  15. FlightControlReplay v4.5 MARCH 21 UPDATE is here! Buy it or go into your Simmarket account -> FCR order -> download last installer Please Uninstall previous version and install this new version. Changelog: - Performance fixes on Proprietary Algortihm for Smooth experience - "Continue from here" feature (MSFS only): Load a FCR recorded flight, select any point of your choice on the timeline Yellow Slider and click STOP. Now you can start live your flight from this point. - Bank angle improvments for acrobatic replay - AlwaysOnTop option (MSFS only) - "Continous Loop" on Playing option - Keyboard assignment bugfix - Speech Recognition bugfix - New Option Dialog - Bug Fixes If you want here there is the First Episode of FlightControlReplay tutorial: PLEASE READ THIS MSFS LIMITATIONS: - Please run only FlightControlReplay.exe in FlightcontrolreplayMSFS folder ! - If you use FCR options "Load Replay Without load initial flight situation" you CAN LEAVE AI REAL TIME and AI TRAFFIC if you uncheck this option you must put AI OFFLINE and G.A and airline sliders to 0 until ASOBO dont fix this behaviour i hope in next simupdate (he told me) BUT FOR THIS YOU HAVE WORKAROUND => Check - - "Load Replay without load initial flight situation" flag In that case you are able LOAD YOUR FLIGHT RECORDED ALSO WITH REAL TIME AI or G.A and AIRLINE SLIDER SET TO MAX! - Be sure load a FreeFlight in MSFS before Play or Load a flight recorded via FCR - Be sure press ReadyToFly button in MSF before play a fcr recorded flight Shortcut with one key at a time, combination of 2 keys in the same time is not supported - Zoom in / out from FlightControlReplay UI not available - Disable plane crash detection in MSFS STAY TUNED IN MARCH FOR OTHER NEWS about NEXT UPDATE with new fantastic features i cannot share now!
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