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  1. HI MIchael! I m very proud of FCR and of this fantastic video !!! There is a lot of life inside FCR and year after year and version after version I m put inside code and I try to make my best ! See this creation like yours make me happy and pay me for all !
  2. Hi Erich!! All PMDG animations (apart wingflex and lights for now)... 😉. Fabio
  3. Hi ! I m very proud to introduce you FlightControlReplay Professional Edition v4. My guess it is release the best experience with my FCR . i ll announce release date , expected end of May. Now it is in the middle of Beta test. Soon i ll post also video that it explain new features! Below there are major feature implemented in FlightControlReplay Professional Edition v4 New features in FlightControlReplay v4 : - RE-LIVE INSTANT REPLAY. User while flying, using FlightControlReplay in InstantReplay mode, can go backward for last 2 minutes of his flight and if he want , he can RESUME HIS FLIGHT FROM ANY YELLOW SLIDER POINT simply pushing Stop Button. - RENDERING VIDEO (ALPHA). User can start Video Render pushing dedicated command bar button. In that way FlightControlReplay starts video capture of Simulator Main Camera View. At this time this feature is in Alpha stage. Video render creates an AVI file uncompressed in Windows User Pictures folder, named with a TimeStamp of start video rendering. In Options Dialog, User can change FramePerSecond of rendering (15-30) and Quality recording percentage (10-100). FILE AVI IS UNCOMPRESSED (ALPHA) AND CAN BE VERY BIG. This feature can be very useful for video makers used both with "PLAYMODE SIMULATION RATE" feature. - PMDG 737 / 747 / 777 enhanced recording and playing. User can record and replay his Flight using PMDG planes with more accuracy. - InGame Menu. User can use FlightControlReplay v4 main features also using a very useful InGame Menu directly displayed inside Simulators. For example User can Load a FlightRecorded, Start stop and pause replay, start and stop video rendering, resume his previous flight. - InGame Dynamic Text during Replay. User can write Notes at any point in a Replay Flight loaded in FCR using Dynamic Text buttons that appears below Yellow Slider when User loads Flight Recorded. At this manner User will able to pause Flight Recorded at a custom point into timeline and clicking DynamicText edit button or delete button User can add , modify or delete notes. This Notes will be visible in FCR User Interface and also in Simulator playing Replay Flight. Dynamic Text can be customized via FCR Option dialog (Show duration in Seconds, Text Type and Text Color). - PlayAsAI (Alpha Optimization). User can choose and play your preferred Recorded Flight as AI Traffic. You have all options available that you already have in standard playing mode, change simulation rate on the fly or use User Interface Yellow Slider for choose exactly where your AI Traffic can start his flight. You can manage more than one recorded flight as AI Traffic using more than one instance of FCR addon at the same time. FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY PROFESSIONAL EDITION v4 WILL BE FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS OF PREVIOUS VERSION! Thank you F
  4. hi! Beta testing of FlightControlReplay v4 is started with my beta test team.... This week i ll post here all new features! This NEW VERSION FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY V4 WILL BE FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS! Stay tuned!👍 F
  5. Hi Iaser! I ll test Chaseplane very soon in FlightControlReplay v4 (next new update i ll release in december / January ). Soon i ll reveal all new features included in FlightControlReplay v4! One i can reveal it is complete external animation compatibility with PMDG 737 747 777 and lot more ....
  6. I m testing a fix .... i hope in next version but i ll write update on that ;-)
  7. Hi all! I m happy to share that FlightControlReplay v4 it is in alpha stage ! Soon i ll reveal new features included and enhancements ! There will be also a new hardware integration im working on it started a couple of months ago! Last thing i can share with you this time it is a big support from Microsoft. In 2018 FlightControlReplay will bring all us in a new era : MIXED REALITY (more to come soon!) Will be FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS! Stay tuned :-)
  8. Hi! No problem 👍! My pleasure But i advice to use always frame limiter because p3d system jumps with fps . I advice to see via fps text at which fps your system stabilize and set this limit both in p3d and fcr 👍👍
  9. Hi! i m going to explain you how fcr works. First of all i want say thank you for your support and for all comunity support! Fcr option sample 1Second it means that you ll have your flight recorded every 1second and played every 1second. if you choose 4seconds every 4 second and so.... This is very useful for flightschool and customers asked me. If you want smooth play i advice you set Automatic sample rate option in accord with p3d fps limiter. Example: If you have p3d set to 30 fps and you reach 30 fps (without too much frame jumps) you can set fcr via option dialog to 30 or 40 fps. Please i advice use all other camera views than spotview. But all it is explained well i hope in readme.pdf. For stopbutton fcr works in this manner: if you want Play click Play button if you want Pause click Play button as the same way. If you want Stop (like classic vcr ) situation ends and you go at the beginning of recorded situation BUT if you want return to your situation before loaded flight recorded click another time Stop Button and fcr replay file will be unloaded. Also this it is explained in readme doc. if you have other questions dont hesitate to contact me via email 👍. Thank you for your support ! f
  10. Hi! 1 second it is few samples if you want smooth you must use or automatic setting in fcr option or set fcr fps custom equal with your simulator frame rate setting 👍...
  11. Hi ! yeas can you play p3d and fsx in full screen. You can start record, play , pause, forward and backward directly mapping buttons in your preferred device(keyboard, joy, xbox controller etcetc SOON also in Surface Dial) or via voice recognition .
  12. Hello, i m proud to announce the release of FlightControlReplay v3.5 October 17 Update. REAL TIME SMOOTH MOVEMENT using Recorded Flight and PlayASAI feature! Complete changelog: Build 3.5.1710.11: - New optimized algorithm for PlayASAI feature and standard Replay that increase performance in P3D v4.1. - Bugfix in Options management. Now you can define not all Device Shortcuts but only shortcut you really need. Now you can also choose "No Device" option if you dont use Device Shortcut mapping feaature.
  13. Animations of PMDG will be in v4 main release (FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS) that will go out this Autumn ! This October Update will increase performance in P3D v4.1 , for example when you ll flying in formation using PlayAsAI feature or see your recorded flight from all camera views ;-) For FlightControlReplay v4 i ll also have other little surprise but i ll talk about only when i ll near the release
  14. Hello, i m preparing release of FlightControlReplay October update that introduce PERFORMANCE fixes in PREPAR3D v4.1! REAL TIME SMOOTH MOVEMENT using Recorded Flight and PlayASAI feature! You ll can fly in Formation with prerecorded flight with smoothness and you ll can see your Recorded Flight using ALL CameraViews you want!! In Prepar3d v4.1 you ll can record , play and choose every camera view(Spot, locked spot, tower view, VC ...) without jitter issue ! Only in P3D v4.1 because finally Lockheed fixed a bug that it was introduced since FSX and i was able to use full potential of SDK.
  15. Thank you very much RedSpinnaker!!! Yes i m scheduled import/export feature for all the recorded variables into CSV and back to the FCR (for Garmin 1000 series for example). F
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