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  1. Erm... actually, it is true 4k, at least for games that can run at 4k, which are most of them. It's on the Xbox Support page. "On Xbox One X, 4K content is displayed in its native 4K resolution, and other content (like games encoded for 1080p) is upscaled to 4K. Games on Xbox One S also get upscaled to 4K. While typically smoother and more detailed than native 720p or 1080p, upscaled 4K is not as rich and detailed as native 4K. " The PS4 Pro is upscaled to 4k, the One X isn't, it's native 4k. (That's why I don't really get Sony fan-people).
  2. I mean, the Xbox can run Forza 7; it's really graphically demanding. The Xbox One X can run it at 4k. And Forza's the same size as MSFS 2020, at ~100 gigs. And also we have the new 9th generation consoles (PlayStation 5; Xbox Scarlett) which are (supposedly) 4 TIMES better than the One X. We'll see, but I doubt that it's gonna need that much optimization. Certainly some visual effects will be turned off, but if Xbox delivers their promise, they might not need to...
  3. You should've quoted me! So KSP is Kerbal Space Program, it's a very popular simulator in which you build your own planes and rockets and stuff. It's actually really fun; and it certainly isn't a kid's game due to the really sharp learning curve.
  4. I doubt we'd need ray tracing, and also, you could go without the dual ssds. Just go with a 5 TB HDD and an ssd. Also, we don't know if Intel or AMD Ryzen will come out on top here... If it's a single-thread optimized game, then it's better for Intel. But Muti-core usage? It's gotta be AMD.
  5. Take the KSP route, maybe? Go into the GameData folder, where you can put any files of addons that work completely and you can remove on a whim? Here's an example. ksp-win64-1.7.3/ksp-win64/GameData/ (place here) Inside Gamedata is all the game files, and it's a folder called Squad. Don't touch that, just add folders to the GameData folder. So it would look like GameData AirplaneModelName ModName Squad (or Microsoft in this case) TextureName That way you don't need to touch the game files. ____________________________________________________ Or you could have a dedicated "mod" folder; Mods AirplaneAddons SceneryAddons TextureAddons OtherAddons And you just put your add-ons in the folder that specifies it. Addons that have many, many features could go in Other, but each would need to be specified, and on startup, the game checks to see if there are any new mods. Then it sorts what needs to go where; the modmaker specifies that. The game then leaves a deletion tag (edit: in the location where the mod used to be) which you can either edit or delete based on what you want. If the tag is deleted, on the next startup, the game checks for all the mod tags. If a tag is deleted, the game shows a pop-up asking if the user wanted to delete or disable a mod (that part of the game, the popup, can't be modified). That way all you need to do is put in a file and the game puts the file where it needs to be.
  6. Oh yes they do! They bought every joystick, yolk, etc. they could off of amazon and tested them individually! Posted on the update page on the very first update, there was a mention that joysticks and everything would work with the game.
  7. That would be a correct statement, quite correct, but... https://www.pcworld.com/article/3432957/nvidias-geforce-now-adds-real-time-ray-tracing-and-android-support-as-cloud-gaming-heats-up.html Maybe it isn't 4k yet, but we're not 200 years away from that, are we? And yes, it's limited. But as more people sign up, more money, more RTX GPUS... Please edit your posts or something, it's misinformation.
  8. I would wholeheartedly agree, if only Forza hadn't been around... https://imgur.com/undefined https://imgur.com/undefined Keep in mind this is Photo mode, which uses high-poly models, but even so, it's not ray-traced.
  9. I completely respect that, at my age, I have no like for things older people like; likewise, older people have no use for Pewdiepie or "millennial humor", (even if he is extremely funny and genuine/down-to-earth, which is why he's so popular.). And your approach to life is quite smart. I'm glad we can all agree that Flight Simming is amazing, though. That is, apparently, timeless.
  10. Lol, you've become a hermit. He's a worldwide phenomenon and his well-popularized battle was covered extensively by just about everyone. Might be where you live tho.
  11. If Pewdiepie knew about it and even said it in one of his videos Man, Microsoft's gonna sell a lotta copies
  12. Then I think both my solution and yours (Mine is just above yours) combined would work. Copy all files, all windows files, etc, to a second drive, upgrade that to windows 10, and test out the apps.
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