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  1. They have other issues with the sim. While stability has been massively increased for me - only one or two hangs in 2 hours - for others, it still looks kinda buggy. However, given their rate of progress, which is far higher than anything I've seen, ATC might be focused on around late 2021 - 2022.
  2. That's seriously not normal. Whomever you're talking to is pulling your leg. I can only tell you to reinstall for right now, FS2020 hasn't been out long enough for I or anyone else to have a very quick answer to most issues.+ Not your graphics driver though, it's a sim issue AFAIK
  3. I have an Extreme 3D pro. Yaw is borked on my stick, but as for pitch and yaw, I just left them on standard curves (i.e. linear) and it seems to do the trick. Maybe try using windows game controller calibration!
  4. I mean as games get more and more complex it'll take longer and longer to fix bugs and issues, along with having a higher risk of breaking something.
  5. I think they use the same amount of heat generation for full thrust and idle, which is why it looks overdone. I don't mind it personally, but to each their own
  6. Hey, everyone, I'm not an actual pilot, so I have 0 experience with how a plane actually flies. However, a friend and I were arguing about the game, and he (also not a pilot, but knows a little bit more about this stuff than I do) sent me this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvwJcsn6F0E (not my own video) I'm wondering if a) that's realistic or b) that's been fixed. It's not about how sensitive it is, but how quickly the plane returns to normal flight after he stops the yaw input. As my joystick (extreme 3d pro) has a broken... ish yaw input, I can't really test it.
  7. I mean, that's what we all want to do, isn't it? Who wouldn't want to do that?
  8. There is. It's aerosol. And with my testing, I can reduce visibility so much that i can't see something directly in front of me.
  9. For the first next-level game I'm surprised it went off this well. I expected EVERYONE to have crashes, way more than I see on the forums and on the Discord. Not only that, but the sim costs 60 bucks, and the deluxe edition of AAA games cost around 120, so you... paid basically the same amount as if you were to buy the deluxe edition of an AAA game. Every program has bugs and glitches. It takes some time to get everything up and running during release. I play Kerbal Space Program, which is really popular, and for the longest time it was the buggiest mess I've ever seen. Compared to THAT, this is tame. And also remember that you're getting 1,200+ dollars worth of scenery alone with this sim, so the price shouldn't matter.
  10. This is an old thread but I didn't want to start a new one, could anyone tell me where they read the human eye can only see 24 fps?
  11. Eh. I think it's just a waste of time. However fun it is watching others argue it just feeds into the stereotype Avsim has anyway
  12. Look, we're 5 days away. Please, just everyone stop worrying about this? If you can't, think of FS2020 as a graphics game, with some systems modeled, like in FSX. There isn't any point worrying about it now. I'd just say don't use this thread until release.
  13. It's fine. I'd rather they get the game out right now with a few bugs than later with slightly less. For a game this big floating parking tugs and such is tame.
  14. Not bad? It's pretty powerful for now and will be more than enough in 4 years. Think about it, the 770 is minimum for this flight simulator.
  15. That's funny, everything but my GPU is recommended, and my CPU seems to be slightly better than ideal spec (A 2700x vs the 2700x Pro the ideal specs lists). A 1050 (non-ti) seems to be right on the edge of what'll work.
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