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  1. Can I expect to hear something from Mindstar Support before Christmas? It's been almost a month now since I opened a support ticket and so far I've had one reply in 4 weeks, which just told me to look at the FAQ, something which I had already done.
  2. Sorry to hear that and thanks for getting back to me. I had already tried disabling FSUIPC, I get the CTD irrespective of FSUIPC being enabled or disabled. If I can't enter a waypoint without your G1000 causing a CTD everytime, then the whole G1000 is basically unusable for flying from A to B with a flight plan. Any other suggestions to get this to work and eliminate the CTD?
  3. I reported this issue through the channel on Oct 13. I finally got a reply on Oct 17 suggesting an outdated FSUIPC version might be the cause. On Oct 18 I replied that I'm using the latest version of FSUIPC. Now, a week later, I'm still waiting to hear back with a solution to the problem. Has Mindstar Support gone into hibernation? I would really like to be able to enter a flight plan in the Mindstar G1000 that's installed in my Eaglesoft DA42, every attempt to do so leads to a CTD. Please help!