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  1. Sure there isn't too many operators flying the pax variant. You can add to the list a Qatar VIP aircraft which - at least in the sim world - can also be utilised on passenger services.
  2. You serious? UPS have already been flying their 748F aircraft, then we have Silkway, AirBridgeCargo, Atlas, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Nippon Cargo, Cargolux, Korean Cago, just to name a few...
  3. I know DTG since the early days when they started under the brand. To keep the long story short, the brand name might have changed but the attitude and work ethics behind the scenes never did. Although I do feel sorry for those who were trapped by their false promises but deep inside I am happy these con artist are out.
  4. kityatyi

    Clacton VOR area HUGE stutters!

    It has nothing to do with any nearby airports or windfarms. It is obviously an inherited bug in the very core of the simulation. No matter how low or high one flies it is still there. There are no big airports in the immediate area. I've no issues at or around the big airports such as LGW , LHR or STN anyways - yet approaching the Clacton VOR, even from the sea induces these very odd stutters that get worse when looking outside. If I move the camera onto the instrument panel with no outside landscape in view it gets better but looking outside, especially going into wing view increases the stuttering. And then once leaving the area behind it gets back to normal. I had this issue in FSX, P3D v3 and now in V4.1 as well, it seems to be a resident evil.
  5. kityatyi

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Wish it was the MD-11 for P3DV4... But it's most probably not that.
  6. kityatyi

    External light

    Agree. Awful exterior lights, especially the position lights, they make me feel like we are back at FS2000. These absolutely need to be improved.
  7. I guess it has to do with the TFDi components.
  8. kityatyi


    I experience the same. What is the solution, did you find out?
  9. Hello, P3D V4.2 here. Purchased the Maddog earlier this afternoon. After installing I found that calling for the GSX on-screen menu (CTRL+F12) the menu opens in full screen and not in the the usual small pop-up form. Searching the Internet I found a similar report from 2016 when someone experienced the exact same issue after installing the TFDi 717. I am wondering if anyone else had this issue and if there is a know solution to this please. Cheers kityatyi
  10. kityatyi

    Pre-purchase question

    Thank you kindly for your detailed response, I truly appreciate it!
  11. Since I could not find answer on the product page I though I post my question here. I am wondering if the Fly the Maddog X product features custom ground physics similar to PMDG's DC-6, 747 and 777 as well as the entire A2A product range, the Majestic Q400 and the FSLabs A320 or does the Maddog come with the highly unrealistic default ground friction model? There are quite a few otherwise great products that still come with the awful default P3D ground physics and I am trying to ask in advance as I do not intend to buy anything in the future that does not come with custom coded ground friction model. Thank you kindly for your response and have a great evening.
  12. Not necessarily a failure within the cargo industry. I agree with the CSeries though, would be awesome!
  13. This is the secret of long life. Sure, sun and food and other word not allowed are important too but man, if you have EFB, performance calculation tool, rain effects... unfathomable!
  14. kityatyi

    Still no Sound for Touchdown?

    It's a different team working in the jets - so fixing these shouldn't be a problem. I am sure it's just a matter of a short time.