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  1. Nonsense. I am currently having over 500 hours playing this game. Due to other commitments, I have not played since October. I mean, I have not touched MSFS. A couple of days ago I decided to check out what is new. Crashed to desktop from the menu on the same error message. Tried again. Same. Again. Same. About 25 times, 100% of the time. From the menu. From the world map. From the aircraft selection. Within 5 minutes. Don't tell me that I just happen to be using MSFS at the time. It is annoying when people claim utter nonsense. If you cannot contribute, skip the topic. There might be some sort of incompatibility, sure. Since the game worked flawlessly before, it is obvious the system is up to the task. I never had any issues when it comes to performance. All settings nearly maxed out, excellent frames, it was rock stable until I last played. I have not replaced any hardware, did not mess with my configuration, have not installed any mods to the game itself, it is vanilla MSFS. Thus, I'd assume it has to do with a Windows or some sort of driver update or a conflict introduced by one of the recent game updates. Or it can be a failing piece of hardware perhaps, but since way too many people are involved, I'd rule it out.
  2. Success! Thank you! The problem was that I was logged in from a browser, not from the PC itself.
  3. If someone could please shed some light in plain English as I am not a native speaker. I have just pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the simulator (the "middle" version). But something is unclear. Do I need to purchase a monthly XBOX Game Pass subscription on top of the simulator in order to use it? While many people successfully "pre-installed" the game but as for me, everytime I click on the blue Install/Play button in my Microsoft account, it takes me to the store and offers the purchase... If I click on the three dots instead, and then on "Install on my devices" then the following error message is shown: "It looks like you don't have any applicable devices linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device with your Microsoft account." The thing is, I am already signed in on my PC as well as the Microsoft account, that is where I am trying to install from... Can someone please help me out?
  4. So is the fact that the "soon to be released" status of the J41 was nothing but empty words. I can't care less about GFO, at least, not from PMDG. From PMDG I expect aircraft. But I take it even further. I didn't want the J41 with the GTN. The J41 back in the days was released with its very unique navigation system. Without that, I don't actually care about the J41 either, even if it ever gets released.
  5. Great job! Would it be possible to make the GNS 530 work with the King Air? If it is achievable, I will buy the GNS 530, I prefer that one over the GTN.
  6. Bought X Plane 3 weeks ago after spending 20+ years on the MSFS and lately P3D series, spending a smaller fortune on them, literally. I find X Plane's flight dynamics better and lighting (at dusk, night and dawn) better. But the whole sim is lacking, it just doesn't feel complete. Vanilla scenery is awful, trees are awful, roads, shorelines are awful. Default weather is terrible, bought ASXP (have been using the series for FSX and P3D for over a decade) but even that didn't improve too much, the cloud redrawing is ridiculous. The lack of seasons, seasonal textures is also very disappointing. Nevertheless, I am gonna stick with XP for now, I earned my PPL a month ago and despite all these missing features or annoyances I find the actual flying part way more realistic so I am not here to bash the simulator, I simply hope that these will be addressed soon.
  7. As long as there are no seasons in XP, I can't take it seriously.
  8. Thank you! I am wondering if this is the case IRL too or there actually is a switch in the cockpit that needs flipping.
  9. Just a quick question guys, if you could help me out, please. Is selecting the GPU from the popup window (that actually makes the actual GPU model also appear) enough to switch from battery power to GPU power or is there any switch I need to manipulate in the cockpit as well? Thank you!
  10. What is the Vulkan port? Seen it everywhere, but have no clue what it is.
  11. I have bought XP11 a week ago, after feeding on the MSFS series between 1996-2014 and from then on, LM P3D versions. To be honest, I had high expectations. The reason why I bought XP11 is that I obtained my PPL (A) this July and was told by many that XP has far superior dynamics. Also, there seems to be way more general aviation stuff. So I said to myself, thousands of Euros spent on the "other platform" or not, I am gonna give XP11 a try. I was initially quite pleasantly surprised. Even the default scenery looked acceptable, especially at night. Lighting, mood, and atmosphere are really "there" in XP11, Laminar nailed it. I'd love to see more 3D airports though, nothing fancy but at least a small building or hangar. But no big deal, it would be nitpicking to raise this as a concern. After spending a week on XP11, having fun in the summer, I decided to check out how it looks in the winter. And then... bang... It looks exactly the same as in the summer. Seriously? Man, I had to doublecheck, triple check to actually believe that there are no seasons in this "superior" simulator. How realistic is it to spawn in northern Scandinavia, in Quebec, in Siberia, or anywhere snowy in December (for example), and find green summer fields and vegetation? I was - and still truly am - shocked and utterly disappointed. I really, really wanted to fall in love with the platform but this makes it a no-go for me. I hoped there is some kind of cure, maybe some mods, plugins, anything. Found some pseudo-solutions, 3rd party payware add-ons (TerraMaxx or whatever it is called) but even that one won't bring about the expected result. It will load the textures globally, not taking regions, local climate, latitude into account. Flying from Quebec, Canada to Miami, Florida in December will spawn you in a more or less accurate, snowy airport for departure but as you move south, the transition is far from being smooth or gradual. New textures are loaded globally. First of all, one or more significant "loading pause" is introduced, second, imagine the landscape looking out the window being snow-covered and then all of a sudden, everything turns summer green. Very weak attempt - but at least, an attempt to improve on what Laminar should have delivered in the first place. Even prehistoric versions of the MSFS series had proper regional seasonal textures according to latitude, region and such. Right now if I wanna do the same flight in P3DV4.5 from Quebec to Florida, I will depart from a winter wonderland, possibly with snow falling, and then I will start seeing less and less snow cover as I progress southward. And then nicely, the snow textures are replaced with snowless yet wintry textures, and then gradually with more and more summer-representing ones. As it should be. It is totally ridiculous that XP11 does not offer this and I am very much hoping that the next version will introduce seasons by default. I would really, really love to love the platform, so don't get me wrong, I am not here to bash XP11, it's actually the opposite. If I didn't like it, I would not give a d*mn about the details. What makes me seriously concerned is the response from Laminar on their forums, saying seasons are not even on their current roadmap. So I have no high hopes about improvements regarding the lack of four seasons. A very nice looking summer sim, this is what XP11 is for me right now. Maybe some of you know more about what is going on behind the scenes, maybe I just didn't find the forum posts where there is talk about incoming seasons. Learning that seasons will be introduced would make my day for sure. P3D has its own issues (loads of...) so never know, perhaps the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to be the one that gets it right.
  12. Fixed by Carenado with the latest patch. Nonetheless, I got my A42 refunded. It's just too bugged.
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