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  1. And one more thing although it might be unrelated. Before commencing pushback using the built in GROUND OPERATIONS and GSX, auto ground ops does remove the wheel chocks (as it should) and that particular event is supposed to disconnect everything (such as GPU, PSU). However, GSX cannot commence push back, but it does send a message to remove PSU first. So one has to set the chocks again, manually remove the a/c unit, then remove the chocks and then and only then shall GSX push the aircraft back. I can't recall it was like this before.
  2. Really enjoying the updated ground friction model. What else can we still expect from the 747 to be added to the 777? Any chance to add the weather / turbulence effects (shaking, rattling etc), is it planned?
  3. Yes, release day purchase in fact just like a high quality 757 or 767.
  4. If it's worth the price , I am taking it into consideration, provided there is onboard WIFI, LED mood lighting and IFE installed. :-)
  5. Uninstalled everything, formatted SDD before upgrading to P3D v4. No issues on my side at all, works like a charm.
  6. Yet another question re the OC. I just finished installing the 747 for Prepar3D v4. I wanted to have the OC on my E: driver which is my "dedicated P3D drive" but I cannot seem to recall an option to change the install path of the OC - and it obviously went into the main SSD - my C: drive that also hosts Windows etc... If I want the OC to dwell on my E: drive, should I just simply delete it from its current location and do a reinstall or can I just move its folder and contents over to the other drive? It's just for the sake of clarity, I want everything flight sim related on my E: drive.
  7. No rush. Without Vector, FSUIPC, EZdok, FS Real Time, there will be no takeoff for me anyways...
  8. I got a reply from one of you guys, where I went into details regarding my job so it was kind of responded to but no further contact was made.
  9. Compared to what we received (x64) it seems to be something minor but deep in my heart I was hoping for VC rain effects in P3D v4. Perhaps a talented developer will be able to make it as an addon.
  10. On Facebook on the 5th of March.
  11. Already contacted them, they never replied.
  12. Working onboard both the -500s and the -600s, love them very much!
  13. Guys, thanks a bunch for your replies, much appreciated!