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  1. kityatyi

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Profiles available!
  2. kityatyi

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Stephen, just wanted to link it lol!
  3. kityatyi

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Agreed. Not only FSLabs released a PFPX profile for their Airbus A319 and A320 but also Leonardo attached a profile for their Maddog as well as Aerosoft for their CRJ.
  4. kityatyi

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Flyprecisely ( might at some point come up with -8i and -8F profiles.
  5. kityatyi

    typo PALAPINA

    Will do, not high priority here either - just thought it's worth mentioning.
  6. In the PMDG Operations Center, the Livery Downloader lists the Panalpina 747-8F as Palapina. This is a typo. The company is called PANALPINA.
  7. In the Operations Center, the Livery Downloader says "PALAPINA" - typo. It is called PANALPINA...
  8. Robert - "blaming you" is exaggerated. Haven't touched P3D since April and especially, haven't touched any of my PMDG aircraft for almost a year. I remembered there was an issue with this, preventing users from calling for the pop-up PFD otherwise a CTD might follow. I thought it's worth asking if the issue is fixed. Never said you should fix it. On the other hand, preparing for the 748, I re-installed the 744 and the taxi behaviour feels different. Did you guys change anything in the (already enhanced) ground physics? The 744 (and later the 777) was given the updated ground friction model or whatever we call it, but now that I tested it kind of felt weird. Accelerated to 10-12 Knots of taxi speed but as soon as I cut the throttle the aircraft has quickly come to a full stop, with only 30% payload and whatever the default fuel load is. But maybe it's just my absence from the sim, and nothing was changed.
  9. I do know about the prevention - kind of locking the screen from popping up. But that is not a complete solution. The solution would be the pop up screen working without triggering a CTD. Maybe one day...
  10. I am wondering if the "crash-to-desktopness" of the captain's PFD when clicking on it is solved for this release?
  11. kityatyi

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

  12. Meanwhile I find this project very exciting and fun, I did not expect such thing from PMDG. Once it's out, I will evaluate if I can make good use of it or not but I am not particularly interested in it right now. A PMDG 757/767/787, CSeries or E-Jets announcement would have been sweet.
  13. Sure there isn't too many operators flying the pax variant. You can add to the list a Qatar VIP aircraft which - at least in the sim world - can also be utilised on passenger services.
  14. You serious? UPS have already been flying their 748F aircraft, then we have Silkway, AirBridgeCargo, Atlas, Cathay Pacific Cargo, Nippon Cargo, Cargolux, Korean Cago, just to name a few...