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  1. No it hasn't been done. A day or two after the release, I think on the 2nd of February, it was confirmed that it's being worked on and that it will be available in a few days but it never came. :-(
  2. I am wondering what happened to the promised Silkway livery. PMDG said shortly after releasing the aircraft that a Silkway livery will come in a few days. But it never happened. Meanhwhile I found some Silkway paints, I don't really like any of them. Either their registration number belongs to an aircraft not actually part of Silkway West (anymore) or something is not the way it should be (such as the position of the SELCAL placard). I would like to ask if someone is kind enough to make a decent Silkway West 4K-SW008 repaint please. It's equipped with RR RB211 engines and the SELCAL is GP-KL. Thank you so much!
  3. I would like to ask if there is anyone who could kindly paint the new PMDG DC-6 (P3D version) in standard DHL livery, please? I am willing to pay for such a repaint, just drop me a PM.
  4. Can't believe it what a coincidence! I just wanted to post a request for a West Atlantic repaint, although for a different aircraft. Is there anyone kind enough to paint the new PMDG DC-6A (P3D version) in a (fictional) West Atlantic livery, please? I am willing to pay for it, just drop me a PM.
  5. Same, I haven't had a CTD for many days now. Although I have to admit I completely disabled GSX when using the DC-6, I don't know if that matters.
  6. I cannot know how far from it such a negative performance impact can be felt. I know where the PM is located but don't know how far the above described issue can be noticed in the sim. I found many posts on the same issue, the stuttering near Clacton (CLN) VOR. Even when on the ground in SEN it causes stuttering with either default or add-on scenery.
  7. I get the exact same problem and exactly there. Departing SEN airport bound for either let's say Amsterdam or Norwich, near Clacton I get these long stutters every 10-15 seconds. Nowhere else. I was looking for clues for ages until I came across this thread today. Good to know it's the Prime Meridian. I initially suspected the UK2000 Southend scenery or ORBX OpenLC EU and/or ORBX FTX Global/Vector but since I do not have anything like this anywhere then it's really a mysterious issue. I am on Prepar3D V4.
  8. interesting. Similar scenario for me at Drzewiecki's new NYA v2, KLGA stand H10, almost 100% CTD shortly after commencing taxi. But with Couatl Live Update and GSX disabled I could depart with no issues. Have several external hardware too but none of them have been assigned using FSUIPC.
  9. Fair enough.
  10. What AI traffic add-on (if any) do we use guys? MyTraffic Professional here.
  11. Hmmm. No clue.
  12. Have you any FSDT airports?
  13. I am not sure if it helps Chris but since I disabled GSX and FSDreamTeams Live Update I did not have a single crash to desktop. It's too early to say I am completely CTD free and I will certainly continue testing but for sure I managed to depart from airports I always crashed. Therefore I am now pointing my fingers at FSDT's GSX and/or their Couatl engine. I will report back later.
  14. Don't think Saitek stuff are related. If that was the case it should happen more frequently. The way my crashes appear point to completely different directions. I can seemingly prevent them from happening by disabling GSX. It occurs to me that either GSX itself or perhaps in some ways Couatl is involved although I am not sure if all of us suffering these crashes have GSX (or anything Couatl related) installed.