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  1. Pre-purchase question

    Thank you kindly for your detailed response, I truly appreciate it!
  2. Since I could not find answer on the product page I though I post my question here. I am wondering if the Fly the Maddog X product features custom ground physics similar to PMDG's DC-6, 747 and 777 as well as the entire A2A product range, the Majestic Q400 and the FSLabs A320 or does the Maddog come with the highly unrealistic default ground friction model? There are quite a few otherwise great products that still come with the awful default P3D ground physics and I am trying to ask in advance as I do not intend to buy anything in the future that does not come with custom coded ground friction model. Thank you kindly for your response and have a great evening.
  3. Not necessarily a failure within the cargo industry. I agree with the CSeries though, would be awesome!
  4. This is the secret of long life. Sure, sun and food and other word not allowed are important too but man, if you have EFB, performance calculation tool, rain effects... unfathomable!
  5. Still no Sound for Touchdown?

    It's a different team working in the jets - so fixing these shouldn't be a problem. I am sure it's just a matter of a short time.
  6. Blame? I came for help, not to blame anyone. Thanks for the support.
  7. I would be happy to accept this as the reason but I have been using the tool for ages and this is the second time it happened. First, a couple of months ago on the FSLabs A320 and now using the NGX. Not on any other occasion. I have to add though that I haven't touched the NGX for almost a year. But I have been raping the 747 and the 777 on a daily basis, doing flights often over 10 hours and no such issue. Is it possible that the NGX for some reason is more vulnerable to this missing texture syndrome?
  8. PTA tool with the last/latest Thopat preset. Nothing else that modifies shaders.
  9. I just came across this. Is this the issue you guys are talking about? I have never experienced this before on the NGX, must be something related to the 4.1 version of P3D as I never had anything like this earlier. Now, 4 hours into the flight it happened.
  10. What's NOT Modelled please

    No 10 tank variant either. Would love to see it as an expansion so that transcontinental US flight will be possible, or flights from the west coast to Hawaii as well as transatlanic flights from west coast Europe to east coast US. Even better, a DC-7 expansion pack. :-P
  11. Still no Sound for Touchdown?

    Been wondering too when shall this be fixed.
  12. P3D v4 & the JS-41

    It's a pity that the authentic navigation system is gonna be "replaced" with third party options with this release.
  13. In Europe the following airlines have their Q400 fleet equipped with HGS: - Austrian Airlines - Croatia Airlines - Luxair
  14. Installers needed for SkyHighSim sceneries

    Can anyone confirm if LYBE - Belgrade - is working FINE in Prepar3DV4 please? Especially night lighting, taxiway signs, trees and such.
  15. "In separate directory" Do you mean even after completely removing the current PTA installation, one should not install 2.60 into a directory of the same name where the 2.52 was?