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  1. It's a pity that the authentic navigation system is gonna be "replaced" with third party options with this release.
  2. In Europe the following airlines have their Q400 fleet equipped with HGS: - Austrian Airlines - Croatia Airlines - Luxair
  3. Can anyone confirm if LYBE - Belgrade - is working FINE in Prepar3DV4 please? Especially night lighting, taxiway signs, trees and such.
  4. "In separate directory" Do you mean even after completely removing the current PTA installation, one should not install 2.60 into a directory of the same name where the 2.52 was?
  5. We need a proper performance tool for the -300ER really.
  6. Interesting observation, will try!
  7. I haven't flown this bird for two weeks now. I understand that the CTD issue has now been solved. I downloaded the update through the OC, I am wondering, what was the "price" of fixing the CTD. How is the enhanced ground physics affected, did you have to "revert" back to default ground friction or you managed to keep the enhanced one?
  8. I would love to have this one too!
  9. Yes, it does seem to accept two digit numbers. Thanks!
  10. I would love to see the 10-tank variant coming in form of an expansion pack though.
  11. Hello, I noticed that the ACARS now has some functionality such as OOOI status and such. In the ACARS\PREFLIGHT menu, there is an UTC DATE entry field which is pre-filled by the following: ▯1000000 I am wondering what data/format does this particular field take. If I enter a long number I get an Invalid Entry message but if I enter let's say two digits then it changes to ▯▯ from the ▯1000000. I can easily complete the other fields such as ETD UTC, ETE and AIRLINE ID. Not that it's essential but for the sake of fun I would love to know what data/format the UTC DATE field can accept.
  12. Just came across an article on AirCargoNews - most organic Avocados we eat here in Europe (but at least in the UK) come onboard the Panalpina 747-8 from Guadalajara and Mexico City (to where they arrive from South America). Another reason to eat avocados then!
  13. Hi all! With the -8 variant soon entering beta, I decided to create this topic for those who like me, can't wait to fly cargo in it. Let's see which real world cargo operators currently use or will start using the variant. AirBridgeCargo Atlas Air Cargolux Cathay Pacific Cargo Korean Cargo NCA Nippon Cargo Airlines Silkway West UPS (from this fall) Panalpina (Atlas Air) Polar Air Cargo (Atlas Air) Qatar Cargo (not confirmed yet) Sure there was British Airways World Cargo (Global Supply Systems) among the users until they ceased to exist as well as Etihad Cargo and Saudia Cargo but not anymore. I am hoping for the above 10 operators to be part of the initial release but even if not, most likely it's just a matter of days until repaints appear. I personally want Panalpina the most and also AirBridgeCargo and Cargolux.
  14. The fact that beta hasn't started yet suggests a distant release date so most likely no -8 for this fall's Eastbound CTP. Well, the -400 will do so no big deal.
  15. I was hoping for a pre Eastbound Cross the Pond 2017 release (takes place in October). Now I am depressed. :-(